Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 147

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Chapter 147

Jacob has read countless people, and the most seen is the kind of poor and arrogant. After being beaten by the cruel reality, he finally degenerates into a poverty that lacks everything from skin to mind, from material to spiritual Ghost.

Grace, in the subjective world of Jacob, was clearly defined by him as such a person.

Regarding Grace’s loan proposal, he blurted out without even thinking, “When you can afford it, come and discuss with me the issue of equality of obligations.”

Grace bit her lip, he just looked down on her, and didn’t believe she could afford his money.

The problem now is that Derek and Jason’s school problems have been solved, but Faith is not eligible to enroll in the affiliated kindergarten of Haitian Villa?

Haitian Yise’s affiliated kindergarten mainly serves the owners of the villa area. There are very few places open to the outside world. To attend this kindergarten, people outside need not only a strong relationship, but also an expensive school building fee.

In Jacob’s mind, Faith is the daughter of her ex-wife who gave birth to her after remarrying. He is naturally unwilling to help Faith enter the kindergarten unconditionally.

And Grace has no strong relationship and no money, so she seems weak in this matter.


Grace looked at Faith’s lost eyes, and couldn’t bear it. Gritting her teeth and pulling down her face begged Jacob. “Master Zhan, how are you going to send the Buddha to the West? Why don’t you do me a favor and let Faith and Derek enter Haitian Kindergarten together?”

Jacob refused, “The owners of non-Haitian Villas cannot enter the kindergarten in the community.” Obviously, with his wrist, using the privilege to send Faith to Haitian Kindergarten is just a matter of a word.

Faith’s grievance made tears flicker in her eyes.

Daddy prefers the two older brothers and doesn’t like Faith, which makes Faith feel sad.

Grace didn’t want to leave the shadow of unfair treatment in Faith’s heart. For Faith, she gave up her dignity and face.

“Master War, please.”

Jacob had never seen Grace’s humble appearance. He used to pretend to be low and low. This would see the red blood in her eyes, and he felt very satisfied.

“Even if I send your daughter to Haitian Kindergarten, have you considered her tuition? Why do you want to borrow it from me?” Jacob ridiculed maliciously.

Grace was so embarrassed that her ears became slightly hot. He made it clear that he did not want to lend her money. She was not a beggar. She immediately cut her back with impassionedness, “Warlord, you just need to help me with Faith Just send it to Haitian Kindergarten. Will I figure out how to do it myself?”

Jacob nodded, with a gloating expression, “Okay.”

He felt that the biggest obstacle to Faith’s admission to Haitian Kindergarten was not that he was not eligible for admission, but that Grace could not pay the tuition.

But seeing Grace’s firm and self-assured face, he clearly didn’t worry about the high tuition fees.

Jacob felt a little puzzled. In order to match Faith and Derek with the same educational resources, Grace accepted the kindergarten that is so expensive for ordinary people?

In order to raise tuition for Faith, Grace decided to return to work. In order to get a high-paying position, she made a very exquisite resume and posted it to the recruitment mailboxes of major companies.

Because Grace was too busy to take care of the children, Jacob took Derek and Jason out to play, and when Faith woke up from a nap, she found that Dad had taken her two brothers away. She sighed in frustration.

After Grace finished submitting her resume, she came out and saw Faith sitting alone on the stairs. The small figure looked so small that she could be ignored. However, Grace felt distressed by that gloomy profile. .


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