Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 148

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Chapter 148

“Mummy, he only took Jason and Derek out to play, he didn’t take me.” Faith looked sideways at Mummy, the loss in her eyes was beyond negligible.

“Faith, do you want to go out to play? Mommy takes you out?” Grace walked over and sat next to Faith.

Faith looked at this beautiful big house and suddenly sighed sadly, “Mommy, I don’t like this place.”

Grace was stunned.

The gap between Faith and Jacob is increasing at a visible rate. If it is allowed to develop naturally, it may one day become a chasm that will never heal.

“Faith, do you want to recognize daddy?” Grace asked out nervously.

In fact, she has been secretly pondering this question recently. She used to selfishly want to hide her two babies, and will never leave them in this life. But things backfired, she failed to hide Derek, and Derek recognized Jacob.

Then she thought about hiding Faith, at least with Faith by her side, she still has the last dependence in her heart. But seeing Faith’s various loneliness after being ignored by Daddy, Grace began to waver again.

She felt that her selfishness might have harmed Faith. If Faith was ignored by Daddy for a long time, her childhood would be very gloomy.

Grace does not want Faith to spend a long life in the future to heal the shadow of childhood.

So she wanted to give up what she once insisted. Want to find the happiness of Faith.

But Grace never expected that Faith showed great resistance to the matter of acknowledging her daddy. She immediately cried and begged Grace, “Does Mommy don’t want me? Mommy, please don’t Leave Faith. Faith can have no daddy, but she can’t live without mommy.”

Grace was holding Faith, especially in her heart.

How much Faith relies on her, subconsciously resists Jacob. This is not a good thing.

Grace was in a state of confusion.

As for Faith’s whereabouts, she couldn’t make up her mind for a while, since Faith didn’t want to recognize Jacob, she could only give up.

In the evening, Jacob came home with Derek and Jason. Seeing Jacob, Faith pouted angrily and turned her head and ran upstairs.

Jacob was dumbfounded, what did this little bun do at him?

Derek was holding the toy, and when he saw his younger sister was unhappy, he immediately chased her up. “Faith, the toy I bought for you.”

Faith stopped and looked at her favorite doll, a touch of joy filled her big eyes.

Derek had the heart to ease the rigid relationship between Daddy and his sister, and said, “Faith, this is what Uncle Zhan bought for you.”

After hearing this, Faith ran to Jacob holding the puppet and stuffed the puppet to him with a serious expression, “I’m sorry to cost you money. Uncle you won’t have to buy me things in the future. Thank you. “

After speaking, Faith turned around and ran back upstairs, locked in her bedroom and never went out again.

Grace looked at Faith who buried her head in the quilt, sighing.

How can this be good?

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