Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 149

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Chapter 149

Jacob looked at the puppet doll in his arms with a dark face, and then glanced at Xiao Baozi’s room. After Faith entered the house, he immediately closed the bedroom door and made a huge crash, showing that she was very emotional not good.

Jacob felt that Xiao Baozi had a very strong temper and was very weird. This was due to her natural character, and there should be no inevitable connection with him.

So comforting himself, his heart became a lot more calm.

In the bedroom, Faith buried her head in the bed and shed tears secretly. Grace looked at the heartbroken little person. She felt that she could no longer ignore Faith’s psychological shadow in order to firmly drag Faith in her hands.

“Faith, do you want him to take you out to play?” Grace sat next to Faith, her soft voice was like a spring breeze.

Faith raised a tear-stained face and nodded. Ruanmeng’s voice was aggrieved and confused, “Mommy, why doesn’t Uncle like me?”

Grace thought for a while, how should she tell her? Jacob didn’t like Faith, he clearly hated the house and the black. Because he does not like mommy, he doesn’t like her daughter either.

Why doesn’t Jacob like her? Because he is the kind of person who thinks highly of himself, he would not pay attention to her who was from a humble background, has a shallow education and does not have a charming face. And she provokes his bottom line, not only slept with him, but also used force. He hated her, and she took the blame.

Grace looked at Faith’s eager eyes. She really didn’t know how to explain to Faith that the love and hatred between her and Jacob was the entanglement of two lives. She died because of Jacob in her previous life. In this life, she will be desperate to give birth to a child with him under the premise of going against his will.

Because children are their continuation.

It was Grace’s painful redemption of this undesirable love.

Grace finally explained to Faith in the most concise language, “Faith has run into her uncle before, and her uncle may think that Faith is an impolite and bad-tempered child. If Faith sees her uncle next time, she will treat him like others. Uncles and aunts are as gentle, lovely and self-conscious, I think your uncle will love my family Tongbao.”

“Really?” Faith raised her little hand and wiped her tears vigorously. Asked very seriously.

Grace nodded.

Faith broke her tears into a smile. However, Faith insisted on her principle, “As long as my uncle doesn’t bully Mommy, I promise Mommy, I will be polite to my uncle in the future.”

Grace was relieved.

At dinner, Grace cooked a large table of hearty dishes. Faith personally poured a glass of red wine for Jacob, and set up dishes for him. Jacob looked at Faith, who was unusually normal, and stubbornly asked Faith without any warmth, “Let’s talk about serving me so diligently, do you ask me?”

Jacob glanced at Grace with a deep meaning, his eyes full of contempt.

Grace’s face was pale, Jacob treated the gentleman’s belly with a villain, and misunderstood Faith’s good intentions.

Faith shook her head, her cheered face was hit, and she sat next to Grace obediently like a frosted eggplant. The small hand held Grace’s hand tightly uneasy.

Grace was very lost, and her expression staring at Jacob became unfriendly.

Jacob was unconscious: “Seeing the child behaved so well tonight, Uncle Tuition paid for you.”

Derek and Jason cheered, “Daddy is awesome!”

Grace didn’t want to quarrel with Jacob in front of the children. However, the anger in his heart was full of anger, but he was looking for a catharsis. Grace clenched her chopsticks and put them on the red braised chicken, as if the red braised chicken on the plate was her old enemy. Tear the chicken vigorously, then throw it into the bowl to torture it.

Jacob looked at Grace with a cold face, and reprimanded with dissatisfaction, “Do you think its okay to demonstrate this vulgar dining habit in front of your children?”

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