Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 150

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Chapter 150

Grace couldn’t get in or get out of him. The three children stared at her innocently, she could only swallow all the bitterness into her stomach, and then squeezed out a beautiful smile at Jacob, and said against her will, “The warlord has taught me a lot.”

Because she was poor, she was despised by Jacob and attacked by him. Grace secretly vowed that she would change this situation no matter what. Change the niche at the bottom of the pyramid to which she belongs.

A meal tastes like chewing wax.

After the dinner, Grace cleaned the kitchen and shut herself into the bedroom. She opened the mailbox and looked up the replies to her resume delivered during the day.

Perhaps it was because the time was too short. Not many companies responded to her resume, but there was a very interesting reply.

The other party left a message to her: I have seen your resume and I am skeptical of your hacking skills. If you can stand my test, I am willing to admit you and give you double salary.

Luo Shishi was overjoyed and immediately typed a line, “I am willing to accept any test.”

“I want the files of President Media Asia.” The other party said.

Grace really laughed and laughed when she saw this topic.

Does Jacob’s archives still need her to penetrate Media Asia to obtain it? She knew him well.

Although Jacob is the number one person in the imperial capital, because he protects his privacy extremely well, people who don’t know him don’t even know what he looks like. The height, weight, and age are even more fascinating.

However, Grace loved him for two lives and was very familiar with his personal files. From his height and weight to his education, from his entrepreneurial history to family history.

Grace readily accepted the other party’s request.

Four hours later, Grace retrieved Jacob’s file from within Media Asia and submitted it to the other party.

And generously gifted the other party a benefit not in the file: Jacob has the habit of sleeping with Chi Guoguo.

On the other side of the computer, Irene looked at Jacob’s files, dumbfounded.

“It’s so f*cking awesome. He broke into Media Asia’s internal network in such a short time. This person is definitely Jacob’s biggest competitor.”

Why Irene believes in Grace’s ability, because he also knows the archives of Jacob, the date of birth of Jacob, accurate to the hour, and the height of Jacob is accurate to millimeters, he knows.

This file has nothing to do with the Jacob he knew.

“I’m glad you were accepted. I am very satisfied with your talents. I wonder if you are satisfied with our company.”

Yinian Chongzhen Co., Ltd.?

This is a very two-dimensional network company?

Very unknown in the industry.

Grace is naturally dissatisfied with such a low-profile company, but she is in urgent need of money, and will go to the kindergarten to pay the fee tomorrow. The consequence of not paying is to be despised by Jacob?

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