Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 130

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Chapter 130

Many senior Bai family members looked at Harper with admiration.

Even the uncle Haibai looked at his son with a look of relief.

In their eyes, it was Harper who saved the life of Mr. Bai.

And just in the voice of everyone’s twittering.

They heard a sound of footsteps.

Then, Harper and others saw that a group of Chinese medicine experts, including Li Mingyi, had come over.

Li Mingyi, this is the assistant of Chinese medicine doctor Lin.

A few of them are the ones who left the Chinese Medical room.

“Doctor Li!”

Seeing Li Mingyi and others, the uncle Haibai hurriedly greeted him and said with a smile:

“What’s the matter? Shouldn’t you guys be in the treatment room to help the genius Doctor Lin?”

Uncle Haibai asked knowingly.

The rest of the Bai family also looked at Li Mingyi and the others with abusive faces.

“Bah! What sh!t doctor Lin, I think he is a liar!”

Li Mingyi was still resentful at the moment, and spit in the direction of the Chinese medicine treatment room.


Seeing this, Harper and others became even more interested.

“Doctor Li, just tell me, why is that genius doctor Lin a liar?” Harper asked curiously.

Seeing the faces of everyone, Li Mingyi couldn’t help but his face weas so gloomy, he started to explain:

“We just entered the treatment room before, and the so-called genius doctor Lin just glanced at the patient and concluded that he is suffering from ‘Filling Lock’s disease’!”

Filin Locke!

Harper and the others are all confused, and obviously this name is extremely strange to them.

“The so-called Philippine Locke disease is one of the most difficult to diagnose, it is incurable diseases in the world! Only one case has been diagnosed in the world so far!” Li Mingyi explained and said angrily:

“Do you know? Only one case of this disease has been diagnosed and cured by the Royal Hospital of Eagle Country!”

“And this kid, Who has no equipment to detect, he does not even properly check the patient, he only diagnoses the symptoms at a glance, and is full of nonsense. What will you call him , if not a liar!”


Hearing Li Mingyi’s words, everyone in the Bai family were very happy.

The most difficult disease to diagnose in the world.

And that guy found the disease at a glance?

He is absolutely nonsense liar.

“Hahaha… Doctor Li, you don’t need to be angry for a liar! Don’t worry, after today, this person will be ruined!”

Harper smiled confidently.

In his thought, Dr. Mike was the best and he was proud that he found him for treatment of Mr. Bai!


When everyone was talking, they saw that the lights in the operating room went out and the door opened.

Mike and others walked out slowly.


This scene made the senior Bai family ecstatic and greeted them one after another.

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