Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 152

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Chapter 152

Grace’s thoughts were awakened by the sound of the alarm clock.

With a gentle sigh, Grace got up and went downstairs to make a beautiful breakfast for the children.

Because today she is going to the kindergarten to register the children for kindergarten, and there are so many things.

Grace wore a beautiful princess dress for Faith, who loves stinky beauty. Faith also likes all kinds of beautiful hairpins. Grace put a ball on her head and wore a silver mini crown.

Faith was originally fair-skinned and exquisite, and she looked like an elf left behind, so beautiful that she was not stained with dust.

When Grace held Faith downstairs, the three men on the table were immediately attracted by Faith. “Sister is so beautiful today.” Derek did not hesitate to praise Faith.

Faith replied softly to her brother, “Thank you Derek.”

Although Jason didn’t make a sound, he nodded repeatedly, echoing Derek.

Only Jacob entered a state of loss for a moment.

At that moment, he felt a little lost. Grace gave him two sons, and none of them were daughters.

What if this cute elf was his daughter?

However, Jacob soon returned to reality, and Faith might not be a good thing to be his daughter.

They don’t agree with each other, and Faith was born to reject him. If they were a father and a daughter, he would live for many years because of her anger.

“Uncle!” Faith sat next to Jacob. Since Mommy asked her to talk to him yesterday, Faith decided to change her bad attitude towards Jacob.

Jacob suddenly heard the cute and sweet voice of Faith, and suddenly felt that with such a sweet and lovely daughter, it doesn’t matter if you live a few years less.

“Something?” Jacob looked sideways at Faith.

With regard to Faith’s sudden change of attitude, Jacob had some resistance from the bottom of his heart. Because he felt that this must be Grace instigating Faith to please him. After all, Grace needs to borrow money from him.

Jacob hates adults using innocent children to achieve their goals. Therefore, Jacob was a bit at a loss for Faith’s initiative.

Instinctively wanted to respond to this child, but didn’t want Grace’s trickery to succeed. So contradictory. Naturally, his face will not look good.

Grace looked at Jacob’s responsive expression, and her mood was very gloomy.

How she hoped that Jacob could give Faith a share of his love for Jason and Derek.

After breakfast, the family set out on foot to the kindergarten.

Jacob led Jason and Derek, while Grace hugged Faith and followed far behind.

Derek and Jason couldn’t bear to be alone with Mummy’s sister, they stopped at the same time and looked back at them.

When Grace caught up with them, Jacob looked at Grace’s sad face and said coldly, “You don’t need to worry about the tuition. I will pay for you.”

Grace: “…”

What she worries about is not the tuition, but his indifferent and alienated attitude towards Faith. When can he change it?

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