Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 151

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Chapter 151

Since Chongzhen Company wants her so desperately, can she try to talk to him about the prepayment conditions? If the two sides reach on an agreement, then her urgent need will be resolved.

“It’s true that thinking of Chongzhen is not my first choice, but I am in urgent need of money now. If Chongzhen can prepay my salary for two years in advance, I am willing to accept your company’s employment.” Grace bit after hesitating for a long time. Nodding the confirmation button with her teeth.

The other party did not hesitate. Very heartily accepted, “No problem.”

The two parties discussed the contract terms and working hours thoroughly.

Considering that she has to take care of three young children, Grace proposed to work from home and complete the tasks assigned by the company at a fixed time every day.

Irene wanted to keep Grace too much, so he accepted all her requirements.

Even in order to determine Grace, an elite hacker, he prepaid Grace’s salary of 600,000 for two years without signing a contract.

Grace was very surprised when she received the money, and said, “Are you not afraid that I am a liar?”

At the other side of the computer, Irene grinned and said, “Who dares to lie to the young master’s money? That’s really a lantern in the toilet-looking for death.”

The tone is crazy.

Grace stared at these words in a daze. Why did this arrogant tone make her feel a little familiar?

Grace’s mind suddenly loaded the scene of her and her brother Zhengzheng getting along in her previous life.

“Lingbao, I suspect you were sent by God to punish me!”

One day, Zhengzheng ended up with the three major subjects of foreign language and mathematics for the final exam. When he returned home, he was beaten to death with a belt by his father. After lying on the bed, Zhengzheng kept scolding his sister.

“You said that your language, mathematics, and foreign language are good enough. It’s a perfect score in politics, history and science, and you are beautiful. You let your brother live under your aura. Isn’t this the rhythm that forced me to death?”

Irene was holding the ointment to apply the medicine to him, and when she heard him scolding, she pressed his wound hard, and Yan Irene cried out with pain, “Irene, I am your brother, your brother!”

Irene teased him, “So stupid, I don’t look like you dear.”

Zhengzheng said without embarrassment, “Why is your brother stupid? Your brother just didn’t put his mind on studying. Your brother has to take advantage of the good time to find you a gentle and pleasant sister-in-law-Lingbao, you tell your brother, What kind of woman do you like? Your brother will find you a sister-in-law according to your requirements!”

Irene was speechless, “Aren’t you living with me, asking me what to do?”

Irene yelled, “Ling Bao, are you stupid by reading? Your brother marries a wife, but it is related to your lifelong happiness. For a girl like you, if I bring a scheming girl back, you It’s strange not to be bullied to death by her.

Your elder brother is all for your own good. You said that my elder brother has even run out of school in order to find you a good sister-in-law. Where can I find a good brother like me? “

Irene stuffed the ointment into his hand. She teased her brother very unceremoniously, “Don’t make excuses for your low IQ. Keke, I suspect you were born from a single-celled animal.”

This sentence made the nanny aside all laugh.

Irene instantly exploded, “My young master failed to pass the subject, but he is also the top student in the grade. It is just that the question of this unified exam is very unusual, and there are not many people who pass the whole grade. It is normal for me to fail.”

Grace closed her eyes, and the look of despair still remained in her mind.

She and Zhengzheng have quarreled since childhood, but their brothers and sisters have a very good relationship. Don’t think that Zhengzheng usually devalues his sister to be worthless, but if outsiders dare to disturb the roots of the tongue of Zhengzheng, Zhengzheng is definitely domineering on the line to clean up other. Kneeling to beg for mercy.

If things go on like this, Irene of Yancheng will have the reputation of being a pet sister, crazy demon.

The sky in the east gradually turned white.

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