Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 153

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Chapter 153

Grace put Faith down and said to Faith, “Go with the brothers.”

When Derek Zhansu and Faith walked in front hand in hand, Grace deliberately walked side by side with Jacob. In fact, she had something to say to Jacob, hoping that he could let go of his prejudice against Faith and refrain from harming children.

Jacob looked at her vigilantly. Such a harmonious picture looks like a family.

Jacob rejected Grace and her daughter from the bottom of his heart, so he believed that Grace was close to him and suspected of fawning on him in order to mislead others. She had a close relationship with him.

“Grace, if you want a fake tiger, I advise you to die. People living in Haitian are all neighborhoods. It won’t be long before others will know the fact that you are just the nanny hired by our warriors. “

Grace was dumb.

How could this guy speculate her intentions so badly?

Grace swallowed back what Grace wanted to say. She immediately backed away from Lord Jacob, and when Jacob got far ahead, she stepped forward annoyedly.

Came to the kindergarten, perhaps because Jacob said hello in advance, the guard did not embarrass her, she followed Jacob to the kindergarten’s finance department.

Since the kindergarten, Jacob has become the focal point. The nursery teachers and staff of the kindergarten all showed idiot expressions. It was Chi Guoguo with shy eyes again.

Jacob seemed to be accustomed to such occasions. He took Derek and Jason, treated them as no one, and went straight into the school’s financial room.

The chairman of the school had been waiting in the financial room for a long time, and when he saw the arrival of Jacob, he immediately got up to greet him, with a lovely smile, looking a little servile.

“Young Master Zhan, you are welcome to come.”

Jacob nodded coldly.

“Young Master Zhan, the admission procedures for the two young masters have been completed, and the school has reduced the fees for them.”

Jacob frowned, “Dean Yang, I don’t accept the school’s reduction or exemption of children’s tuition. At the beginning, I paid for the establishment of Haitian Kindergarten, which was only a pure charitable investment. It cannot be confused.”


Jacob walked to the financial division and handed out his diamond card, his voice was as low as a cello, sexy and charming. “Three kids, please go through the payment service.”

Grace ran up quickly and refused Jacob’s help, “Jacob, thank you. But I’ll pay for Faith’s tuition!” Grace took out his UnionPay card and held it in both hands. Pass it to the financial division.

Jacob was shocked.

Where did she get the money to pay for her tuition?

Grace’s move made him deeply aware that from yesterday to today, he seemed to be running on the road to misunderstanding her.

She doesn’t need to borrow money from him at all, so there should be no need to instigate Faith to please herself, right?

And the purpose she just approached to herself wasn’t for the pretense of a fox? Because her move at the moment is enough to tell everyone that she has nothing to do with him.

After recoggirlng the truth of the facts, Jacob was surprised to find that he was not relieved by this, but became a little uncomfortable.

After paying the fee, the staff informed Grace and Jacob that Jason and Derek entered the international rocket class in Dapan. Faith entered the international rocket class of the middle class.

Hearing this unreasonable distribution, Grace immediately screamed, “No!”

Jacob stared at her displeasedly, because Faith was able to enter the international rocket class of the middle shift, and he secretly provided help. Unexpectedly, Grace didn’t appreciate it.

He hadn’t asked anyone before he was so old, Grace’s reluctance caused him to explode in an instant, “Shut up!”

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