Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

Grace looked at the angry Jacob, and her consciousness gradually returned. She explained to the staff very sincerely, “My Tongbao, although younger than my brother, has been in the same class with my brother since he was in kindergarten. I hope In Haitian Kindergarten, Faith can also be admitted to the big class.”

The staff was very embarrassed, “But Faith’s age does not meet the standards of a large class.”

Grace insisted stubbornly, “The rules are set by people, and education should be people-oriented. Isn’t it?”

The staff said that Grace was not enough, so they had to look at the dean for help. But the dean turned his choice to Jacob.

Jacob stared at Grace in death!

Seeing that the adults were in a stalemate because of her affairs, Faith walked up to Dean Yang generously, speaking eloquently and clearly speaking the principles that did not match her age.

“Grandpa Dean, Faith is young, but when Faith heard that many prestigious universities admit new students, there are also elite students in the freshmen. Universities can admit them, so why can’t kindergartens be eclectic?”

The dean was amazed, “It’s so eclectic to drop talents. Just say this to you, and the dean’s grandfather will let you study in a big class.”

Grace breathed a sigh of relief.

Faith gave the dean’s grandfather a big hug, and then stood in front of the dean’s grandfather very formally, and bowed deeply, “Thank you, dean, Faith will not let you down.”

Jacob looked at the well-behaved and courteous Faith. He really couldn’t understand, is this little bun a drama? In front of him is a little witch with teeth and claws, and a gentle and well-behaved little lady in front of others?

The character of these two sides of glue, let alone, really resembles someone.

Jacob’s gaze fell on Grace. At this moment, Grace was all relaxed, with a polite smile on her face.

After the registration was successful, the three children were left in school. And Grace followed Jacob out of the kindergarten.

As soon as he walked out of the kindergarten, Jacob asked the doubts he had held in his heart for a long time, “Where did the tuition come from?”

Grace hesitated for a moment. In order to prevent him from looking at her wearing colored glasses, he simply told her all, “I found a job and the other party paid me two years’ salary in advance.”

Upon hearing this, Jacob had a pause.

In order not to beg him, she had signed a two-year deed to sell her.

He is really a man of integrity.

“Can you reveal your annual salary?”

“Three hundred thousand.” Grace said a little embarrassed. For a top hacker, 300,000 salary is really too low.

When Jacob heard this number, he was shocked.

After all, with her hacking skills, if she stays in Media Asia, her annual salary is at least 8 million.

And she was able to agree to such a low salary, presumably because of the urgent need for money.

“How much is the penalty?” Jacob asked.

Grace shook her head, “Warlord, I will not breach the contract. Chongzhen explained my urgent need and I cannot cross the river to demolish the bridge. I will serve the company wholeheartedly for at least the past two years.”

Jacob looked at Grace with firm eyes and lost consciousness for a moment.

He realized for the first time that he might really need to get to know his ex-wife again.

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