Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 155

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Chapter 155

His knowledge of her seems to have stayed on that night seven years ago. She was embarrassed at their wedding banquet. She was obviously the protagonist of the banquet and her fiancée, but when he saw her, he screamed as if he had seen a ghost, and his idiotic expression was no different from the current star chasers. , Still holding her in front of so many people and gnawing and biting.

It’s as if they were a long-lost couple who reunited.

All his face was lost by her that day.

He therefore believes that she is the rude and ignorant Luo family illegitimate daughter in the legend, and believes that she is a soil bun raised in the countryside by the Luo family.

After getting married, he abandoned her like a shoe.

He only hope that her financial crisis has passed quickly, and then he resolutely divorced her. But he didn’t expect that this crude and ignorant illegitimate girl was not as innocent as she seemed on the surface, he was deprived of her deception.

Since then, his hatred of her has increased day by day. Anger made him lose his mind, and anger blinded his eyes.

Until today, after being slapped by Grace’s various behaviors, Jacob realized that his perception of her seemed to be wrong.

She is Luo Yan’s illegitimate daughter, but she was raised in the countryside since childhood, and no one knows her experience. It seems a bit narrow to identify her as a woman who can’t be on the stage based on a piece of academic qualifications.

Because some towering trees can grow their magnificent majestic appearance even if they are born on the severe cold cliffs in the harsh environment.

And Grace, maybe this kind of person.


Suddenly hearing Grace’s voice, Jacob who was walking in front stopped suddenly, turning around and looking at Grace suspiciously.

“What’s the matter?”

He stopped, and Grace didn’t dare to go any further in order to keep a certain distance from him.

She stood one meter away from him, looking at him, and then made humble efforts to ease his relationship with Faith:

“My Faith is not the unbridled, unreasonable child you think. Actually, I don’t know why, all her bad temper seems to be aimed at you only.

In private, she is really a very kind and well-behaved child. She would cry for a little snail who couldn’t find home, and she would take care of the sick children in the class. Of course, it’s common to pinch my shoulders and back and wash my feet…”

Grace didn’t know her, because she was worried that she would be misunderstood by Jacob to please him and get close to him if she so deliberately eased the relationship between Jacob and Faith. The purpose is to reconnect with him.

Unexpectedly, for the first time, Jacob did not maliciously speculate on Grace’s intentions, but looked at her suspiciously, “I also want to know why all her bad tempers are only directed at me?”

Before, he thought it was Grace’s instigation, but now it seems that Grace is committed to alleviating the rigid relationship between him and Faith. That means she will not easily mold enemies to her children.

And based on his observations of Grace during the recent period, her education to children is very rational and loving. She would not do this kind of provocation.

Facing Jacob’s doubts, Grace laughed.

Does he has no idea why Faith is unfriendly to him?

His attitude towards her is so bad, and Faith is such a child who defends her mother. How can she tolerate Jacob’s abuse of Grace?

Jacob suddenly became vigilant, and Grace suddenly praised Faith in front of him, saying that there is nothing in the sky and nothing on the ground. “Is your Tongbao good or bad, has nothing to do with me?”

Grace said incoherently, “Don’t worry, I don’t have those unrealistic ideas. I just see you doting on Derek and Jas, Faith will feel disappointed. As her mother, of course she will feel distressed. Her feelings. After all, Faith has always been looking forward to daddy loving her. So I mean, can Master Zhan look at the child’s innocence, can he be a little friendlier to her?”

When Jacob saw Grace’s trembling look, he had an epiphany. It turns out that the reason Faith pleased him in the past two days was for this?

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