Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 156

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Chapter 156

Didn’t come for his money, but just hope he treats Faith better?

However, the expression of Grace just now made Jacob frown unhappy and asked Grace coldly. “Unrealistic idea, what is it?”

Grace stared at him blankly, and said, “Zhan Ye must think that I let Faith please you in order to have a chance to reconnect with you. The things Zhan Ye worry about will never happen.

As the saying goes, good horses don’t turn their heads back. The warrior had no interest in me six years ago, so I won’t be begging for you.

In my life, I will never get married again. I just want to pull the child up safely, and there will be no regrets in this life. “

When Grace said these words, there was sadness in her eyes, and her voice sounded with a faint melancholy.

It was a kind of helplessness and compromise to yield to reality.

Jacob looked at Grace. She had experienced two failed marriages, and it seemed that it was a hard blow to her.

“You take the liberty to ask, what about Faith’s father?” Jacob didn’t think that Grace was hit by him.

Grace was obviously a little flustered, her eyes flickered, isn’t Faith’s father the same?

How can she answer him?

“He He…”

I wanted to say that he was dead, but no matter how bad he was to her, she couldn’t help cursing him.

“When I was pregnant, he ran away with other women!” After a long while, she whispered.

He suddenly felt a little sympathetic to her.

Grace’s pupil turned red instantly because of her words.

She loved one person from beginning to end, and that person was only him!

She loves him, is he paying her wrongly, waiting for two years, she can’t expect him to stare at her once.

“You don’t understand love at all.” Grace forced the sad emotions to the bottom of her heart, and said bitterly.

Jacob was confused by her words, she said he didn’t understand love?

This is really the biggest misunderstanding of her.

He is different from other boys, he matures earlier.

So when he was sixteen years old, when he saw the dazzling Jing Ling, he was attracted by her clean and spring-like temperament and couldn’t help herself.

In order to cultivate his own little daughter-in-law, a person like him who is indifferent and arrogant also spends a lot of time teaching her various skills, and naturally he has to devote himself to cultivating feelings with her.

It was just that she was too young, and he cared for her carefully, except that he didn’t say his love for her, he felt that his love for her was sufficiently obvious. He thought that after she graduated from college, he would marry her naturally…

Who knows, people are not as good as heaven!

Irene unexpectedly lost her sophomore year!

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  1. I first saw this on facebook ang it made me amaze how the story goes and the twist that is so so exciting that makes me keep on reading…. I really appreciate the one who wrote this story that is amazing and also this site where I can read this story for free. I really am thankful to all of you…..


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