Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 157

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Chapter 157

That was the biggest pain in his heart!

It hurts to a brave person like him, but he dare not claim her body, dare not go to her funeral, and dare not go to her cemetery to sweep the grave—

He didn’t have the courage to touch everything related to her.

Jacob carefully condensed the painful memories sealed in his heart, and the pain in his eyes was also carefully hidden by him. Recovering his indifferent and arrogant expression as always, he said solemnly, “You are not me, I know you don’t understand?”

Grace pursed her flimsy little mouth slightly, and muttered in her heart, if you know love, how can you make the previous life so depressed? So unwilling to die?

When the two returned to the villa in silence, they saw Janice standing in the doorway wearing a bright red V-neck vest and skirt from a distance. Obviously she was a noble and celebrity who had amazing time, but when she saw Jacob and Grace walking one after another, Gao Leng Renjian collapsed instantly and screamed at them with shaking arms.

“Big brother, sister-in-law!”

Jacob’s handsome and beautiful face instantly became sullen, her long legs walked calmly and gracefully, and her black face reprimanded Janice, “How many times do I want to tell you that she is not your sister-in-law?”

Janice Huipu looked back and forth between the two of them. She could clearly feel that the eldest brother’s rejection of her sister-in-law seemed to fade a lot. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to let Grace appear within ten miles of him.

Janice smiled mysteriously. “Big brother and sister-in-law, why are you together?”

Jacob was afraid that his imaginative sister would make up a dog-blooded urban marriage and love drama, and simply poured cold water on it, “Grace is now my family’s nanny. Wait for Derek to have a close relationship with me. When she gets up, she will leave.”

Janice has a flat mouth, this is indeed Jacob’s style of doing things: do whatever it takes to achieve the goal!

Grace was shocked by the true thoughts he revealed, and looked at Jue Zhan Han in disbelief, “Master Zhan, you are too mean.”

Jacob gave Grace a contemptuous look and wrote lightly, “Grace, you are too stupid. I said that Derek is the blood of my warrior family, and I am determined to have his custody rights.” , Defied her provocatively.

Grace was shocked by his shamelessness. Lord Zhan, should be kinder?

“Janice, what are you doing?” Jacob hurt Grace, but smiled, turned his head and looked at Janice, and changed the subject.

Janice took out two invitation letters from her delicate handbag. One was handed to Jacob, and the other was stuffed into Grace’s hand. Said, “My birthday party, I invite you to come.”

Jacob glanced at the address and time on the invitation sticker, and stuffed the invitation sticker back into Janice’s hand, “I know. I’ll go to the banquet on time then. You don’t need to give the invitation sticker to me.”

Janice eagerly awaited Grace’s reply, Grace held the invitation sticker in her palm, but fell into a huge entangled puzzle.

Recently the company has assigned her a lot of tasks!

Jacob glanced at Grace and said, “If you don’t want to go, don’t go. After all, such an occasion is really not suitable for you.”

Grace raised her eyes to look at him, and asked unconvinced, “Why is it not suitable?”

Jacob looked at her from top to bottom, his scornful eyes filled with mockery. “Isn’t it because you don’t have any clothes for the banquet? And I think you don’t have the money to buy clothes for the banquet?”

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