Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 158

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Chapter 158


Grace even forgot this. He seemed to be right to remind that she did not have clothes for the party. In recent years, she stayed at home and took care of her children wholeheartedly, so she had never bought a decent dress.

Janice is the daughter of the Zhan Family. Her birthday banquet is bound to be extremely luxurious. The people who come are all celebrities in the market. If she is too shabby, she will not only be laughed at by others, but will also embarrass Janice.

“Janice, I won’t go…” Grace didn’t get entangled anymore, and refused Janice’s invitation.

But Janice held Grace’s hand, she kept acting like a baby to Grace, “Grace, you are my best friend. After I return to China, the only friend who can make love is you. You.” If you don’t go, it will make me feel that this birthday is so boring. You don’t have any clothes or jewelry, and I will give it to you. You go, OK?”

Grace was embarrassed by Janice’s kind invitation.

Jacob looked at his sister speechlessly, and ridiculed Janice unselfishly, “Can you not live without her?”

Janice replied with a serious face, “Although she won’t be unable to live, but she will feel that life will be bleak and dull because of this.”

The relationship between the younger sister and the ex-wife was so good that Jacob was quite surprised.

What magic power does Grace have that can make Janice, who has never liked socializing, be so sincere to her?

In order to let his sister have a happy birthday, Jacob reluctantly said to Grace, “I will cover all the expenses of your going to the banquet.”

This is a disguised invitation to her to attend Janice’s birthday party.

But the most fundamental reason for Grace’s entanglement is not just the lack of a dress, but also the fact that Chongzhen gave her a lot of work.

Grace was very embarrassed, “Janice, I’m sorry, I’m not sure if I can come to your birthday party. Because my work has not been completed yet-but I’ll go back and try to come to you. Birthday party, okay?”

Janice let Grace go, and she couldn’t hide her loss, “Okay, Sister-in-law, then you go to work first, but you must come over when you are finished!”

Grace nodded, “Yeah.” Yubi quickly entered the house and rushed to work.

Jacob looked at Janice’s lost face and couldn’t bear it, and said, “Which friends did you invite for the banquet?”

Janice smacked her lips and said indifferently, “Except for Grace, all the dandies and celebrity daughters of the Zhan family business partners. Brother, you know that I am not familiar with them. Seeing them, I think they are laughing at me. The same as before.” Janice’s eyes reddened inexplicably.

Jacob stopped her random thoughts in time, hugged her shoulders and stared at her tearful eyes, and comforted, “Don’t think so, no one knows your past, except your brother.”

“Brother, didn’t that person have been caught? I’m really afraid that he will suddenly come out one day…” Janice closed her eyes, and tears fell from her eyes.

Over the years, at some point, she will be trembling. The inducement can only be him-the beast that violated her many years ago but escaped.

A fierce look filled Jacob’s eyes, “I am worried that he will not come. If he dares to disturb you, I will let him die.”

“Yeah.” Janice opened her eyes, and under the strong protection of her brother, she seemed a little relieved.

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