Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 159

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Chapter 159

After sending away Janice, Jacob returned to the villa and went straight to Grace’s room.

Knocking on Grace’s bedroom door, Grace wearing black-framed glasses, looked at Jacob suspiciously.

“Master Zhan, are you looking for me?”

This is really the sun coming out from the west, Jacob used to avoid her for fear.

“You go to Janice’s birthday party. I will pay for your dress and jewelry. I will compensate you for the loss of work. If there are other conditions, you can just mention it.” Jacob’s tone is mixed with long staying. The coercion of the high position.

Grace was taken aback for a moment, and Jacob not only petted his son, but also his sister.

But I have no feelings for her.

“Master Zhan, if I accept your support, I will tarnish this pure and beautiful friendship between Janice and me. Don’t worry, I will go to the evening banquet, and I will take care of the dress and jewelry. However, please don’t disturb my precious time.” Grace closed the door unceremoniously after speaking.

Jacob had a closed door, his handsome face turned black.

Who knows, as soon as he turned and left, Grace suddenly opened the door again, and Jacob turned around, with an extraordinary smile on his face.

He knew that without his funding, she would never be able to attend Janice’s banquet smoothly?

Unexpectedly, Grace just begged him, “Can I go to the kindergarten to pick up the children in the afternoon? By the way—” Grace had a shy smile on her face, “Help me get Faith back.”

Jacob nodded. This was her business, but she used a begging tone, as if she was picking up her own child.

This made Jacob very upset and left with a black face.

Chongzhen Company assigned Grace four tasks, and Grace completed the first three as quickly as possible.

For the last remaining task, she checked the time. It was already five o’clock in the afternoon, and she had to go to the mall to buy a dress——

Time seems too late.

Grace had to ask for leave from the president of Chongzhen, “I’m very sorry, tonight is my best friend’s birthday party, I think I should go to her banquet. In this way, I cannot complete the last project that the company assigned, boss , Can I finish it tomorrow?”

Irene looked at the IP address of Grace displayed on the computer, and fell into deep thought.

After a long time, Irene said, “Today is also the birthday of my favorite girl. But I can’t go to her banquet.”

Grace was immediately dumbfounded when she saw many tearful expressions coming from the other party.

She had a strange hunch that at the other end of the computer connection, Chongzhen boss’s favorite girl and her best friend—probably the same person.

“Go, go. Just assume that you are going to attend my beloved girl’s birthday party for me. Leave the rest to me.”

Grace cheered cheerfully, “Long live the boss!”

As soon as she took the child home from the kindergarten, Jacob heard Grace’s voice praising the boss from the second floor.

“A considerate, talented and golden boy like the boss is already an endangered species on earth. Being able to be met by me is really a virtue of my ancestors for generations…”

Jacob’s handsome eyebrows were raised, and he was uncomfortable with Grace’s flattering face, “Chi!” He sneered disdainfully.

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