Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 160

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Chapter 160

The three children looked at Lord Jacob by appointment. Jacob realized that his reaction seemed to be a little chicken belly, so he resumed his arrogant attitude and said, “Do you know? People are divided into three classes, and the first class gives orders. Moderately. People execute orders. Inferior people flatter and flatter.”

The three children are all top IQs, so it is natural that Daddy is insinuating to belittle Grace.

Derek looked puzzled, “Strange, Mommy wouldn’t do flattering silly things before? Mommy said that you need to be a man and you must use your talents to conquer the world!”

Faith seemed to start out and yelled, “I see. Mommy must have liked her boss. Mommy praised her new boss as being very human yesterday!”

Derek glanced at Jacob, afraid that Daddy would be jealous, and immediately shouted, “No way. Mommy said that she only likes Daddy alone.”

As soon as Grace came downstairs, she heard Derek’s voice and almost staggered down the stairs in fright.

Jacob looked at Grace with red cheeks, and Derek’s voice was automatically filtered by him. He looked at Grace playfully, “Who is your new boss? I have only spent a few days with you. Your pride is crushed?”

Grace was embarrassed in the same place. She just said those words on a whim, but was twisted by the people in this room into a shameful act of servile flattery to the boss?

“My boss is very cute, kind, and humorous…” Grace wanted to go on, but found that the whole room was staring at her with a particularly terrifying look.

“What’s wrong?” Grace asked.

“Mommy, do you like Uncle Boss?” Faith asked with winking innocent eyes.

Derek looked at Mommy with a bitterness. He could only accept that Daddy and Mommy reconciled.

Jason’s expression was still calm. Because he knew that Daddy had a favorite woman in his heart, and in that case, Mommy had the right to pursue a man she liked.

However, Jacob’s expression was indescribable, “Grace, are you so hungry (thirsty) for men? You have had two failed marriages. Shouldn’t you summarize your problems? Don’t let men go When you come up, treat him as the savior…you should learn how to take advantage of it!”

Grace: “…”

She looked angrily at Jacob, “All men in the world can say that to me, but you can’t.”

Because of her two lives, she will carry out her infatuation and love to the end. For him, even if she was bruised all over her body, she never changed her original intention.

Jacob looked at Grace’s stubborn and arrogant little face. Her attitude towards him was very bad, which made Jacob very unhappy. Angrily said, “You seem to be loyal to me, Grace, you are not worthy of these two words!”

Jacob glanced at Faith on the side, which was evidence that Grace had changed his mind about love.

Grace was anxious and frustrated, and said bitterly, “If it weren’t for the war master to start chaos and finally abandon me, how could I have a heart and soul and give birth to children with other men?”

Grace felt sour in her heart.

She loved him for ten years in her previous life, but in this life she has fulfilled her wish to marry him.

As for him, she had to wait so hard in her previous life, and abandoned her like a shoe in this life.

But she never regretted falling in love with him.

She was just not reconciled. He had promised her to marry her, and he had treated her like a treasure, but after he provoked her and made her fall in love with him uncontrollably, he hurt her severely… …

If he can’t respond to her love at all in the end, why provoke her in the first place?

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