Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 161

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Chapter 161

“Poor people must have something to hate.” Jacob’s eyes filled with disgust towards Grace, as if he didn’t want to say a word to her, he turned and told the children, “Go upstairs and change clothes, Dad. You go to the birthday party of my sister.

The children went upstairs cheering.

Grace sighed almost inaudibly, and a cloud of mist floated out of her eyes. She closed her eyes and shut her tears in.

Obviously knowing that he has no feelings for her, why do she still have expectations of him?

There will be no harm without expectation.

Grace cast off her unhappiness, opened the door and went out.

Janice’s birthday party was held at the Media Asia Club.

The vast indoor square, with the sky full of stars and moon above the head, the red carpet is lined with a continuous sea of flowers at both ends of the red carpet, colorful purple and gorgeous.

Champagne and fine wine, accompanied by pure and beautiful women, shuttle in the crowd, forming a beautiful landscape.

There is a luxurious style everywhere, intoxicated with gold, and jewels, dangling people’s eyes.

The guests were in an endless stream, dressed modestly and generously, but fighting for family strength.

Zhan Jia is the host of today’s banquet, and it stands to reason that Janice is today’s protagonist.

But obviously, there are only two types of guests who came to the banquet today.

One is for enterprises.

They revolved around several male leaders of the Zhan Family, trying to use the high branch of the Zhan Family to expand their corporate territory.

And the other is for love.

Those well-dressed celebrities and daughters are like a hundred flowers blooming in spring, competing with each other.

In order to impress the Zhan Family’s single diamond dog, they also smashed themselves.

From the moment they entered the venue, they carried their noble elegance and bloomed with their own glory. Some women are surrounding the talkative Palmer, and some women are eagerly waiting for the appearance of Jacob…

Janice sat in the corner bored looking at the shining women in the middle of the field.

Each of them sharpened their heads and wanted to marry her brother, but they didn’t know that once they entered the war, they were as deep as the sea, and her brother might not have the ability to love others in his life.

Before Jacob, the ladies and daughters gathered around Janice, holding red wine glasses one by one, praising Janice falsely, “Miss Zhan, you are so beautiful today!”

Janice reluctantly squeezed out a smile, acting just right, “I am beautiful every day.”

Bai Nanning walked over wearing a purple backless dress, elegant and sexy, everyone’s eyes were attracted by her.

Someone whispered, “She is the woman Zhan likes!”

“Wow! So beautiful!”

It is not too much for Janice to join in the fun, and said, “Miss Bai and my brother have broken up!”

The women exploded in an instant, and the expressions that were originally lost began to dance with joy.

Since Shao Zhan is single, do they have a chance?

Bai Nanning walked towards Janice, and she listened to all the women’s discussions.

Bai Nanning admitted openly, “Yes, I got along with Shao Zhan for a while, and everyone felt it was inappropriate, so we became friends again. However, as far as I know, Shao Zhan broke up with me, but he There seems to be no shortage of women, at least I know one thing, he now lives under the same roof with Grace.”

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