Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 162

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Chapter 162

Her seemingly calm tone, but she said it through her silver teeth. No one noticed the ferocious light in her eyes.

She hates Grace, if it weren’t for Grace, she and Jacob would not break up.

She wanted Grace to be the target of the public, and wanted her to be jealous of these crazy women, she just waited to see Grace’s embarrassment today.

“Grace? Who is she?”

For the competitor who emerged suddenly, the women maintained a strong interest in her.

So the topic shifted to Grace.

Bai Nanning is happy to introduce this group of ignorant women, “She is Shao Zhan’s ex-wife! She is the daughter of the Luo family, but I heard that she grew up in the countryside and only returned to the Luo family in high school. So you haven’t heard of it. Her name is not surprising either.”

Someone immediately showed an expression of disgust and contempt, “Ah? Growing up in the country, isn’t that a vulgar and ignorant country woman? How could the war master like such a tasteless woman?”

Some people exaggerated, “Grace is not only from the countryside, but also the illegitimate daughter of the Luo family. The Luo family is about to go bankrupt, and she will become a local chicken!”


The women smiled triumphantly, probably thinking that Grace could not pose any threat to them at all, so they all smiled.

Janice stared at these women expressionlessly, really didn’t want to hear their ridicule Grace’s voice. Suddenly, the mysterious voice rang out and said, “My brother is here.”

The noise of the women stopped abruptly, and then they ran out in a swarm.

Janice looked at these women, shook her head and sighed, “Even if Grace is a terrapin, it is a hundred times better than you women who love vanity.”

At this time, at the gate of the Media Asia Club, as soon as Jacob’s Rolls-Royce stopped, someone bowed forward to open the door for him.

Jacob wore a particularly festive dress today, with a red shirt and slightly curly hair, blessing his fair and white skin with delicate and flawless features, giving his noble temperament a bit more gorgeous, coquettish and feminine.

He became the focal point of all eyes.

Janice walked out with a melodious step with her back on his back, seeing the festive attire of Jacob, a damp mist appeared in her eyes.

She knows her brother best, and his favorite colors are all dark colors. He wore such a gorgeous dress today just to give her a good sign.

Janice stepped forward and gave Jacob a big hug, “Brother, you are so handsome in red.”

Jacob handed the bank card to Janice, “Road,” Happy birthday. “

Janice happily accepted the gift and said, “Brother, can I use it to buy a second-hand house in Haitian Villa? I want to be your neighbor forever.”

Jacob nodded, “Kari’s money should be able to realize your wish.”

Janice looked around, did not see Grace, her face showed a touch of loss. “Sister-in-law didn’t come?”

Jacob remembered that he had quarreled with Grace just now, his face was a little gloomy, and said, “I don’t think she will come.”

Seeing the loss in Janice’s eyes, Jacob felt a little guilty. Knowing that Janice really wanted Grace to come to her banquet, he offended her at this juncture. Women are all hatred, and she is afraid that she will not come.

Janice sighed in loss.

Fortunately, the three brats in Rolls-Royce expelled her loss. She opened the car door for them and opened her arms to hug them.

Jason slipped out of the gap, stuffed the gift box in Janice’s hand, and gave her a blank eye. “Woman, stay away from me.”

Derek gave Janice a big hug, “Aunt, happy birthday!” The gentleman held the gift box for Janice.

Faith kissed Janice’s cheek and blessed her aunt softly, “Auntie, I wish you more and more beautiful.”

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