Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 163

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Chapter 163

Janice hugged Faith, and her affection was beyond words. “My Faith is really good.”

Jacob’s gaze fell on Janice, her eyes were meaningful. Why does Janice like Faith so much? It is clear that Derek and Jas are the blood of the warriors.

Palmer didn’t know when he came over, looked at the three little buns carved in pink jade, and said sourly, “Jacob, who is this angel porcelain doll? Isn’t it your daughter?”

Jacob ignored him.

Palmer talked endlessly, “You said you are not such a good person, why would God care for you so much? Just send you a genius son like Jason, and yet another lovely and lively Derek descended from the sky to you. Now, he also reward you with such a soft and sweet little angel. It is really jealous!”

Jacob corrected with a black face, “She is not my daughter.”

Palmer’s eyes were locked on Faith and couldn’t move away.

The little bun’s soft appearance, the black pupils are clearer than clear springs, and brighter than gems, and the white porcelain skin is so tender that it can pinch water out, and those beautiful big eyes are like a little rabbit that makes people want to protect.

Palmer smacked his lips in disbelief, “No, this child is noble and glamorous, it is clearly inherited from your genes. How could it not be your daughter?”

Jacob was speechless, “You saw her noble and glamorous only when you were blind?”

Faith looked at Jacob bitterly and deeply. She had obviously worked very hard to please Daddy in the past two days, but Daddy didn’t like her at all. She was very disgusted with his and behavior.

Palmer shouted, “I can see with both eyes, the little angel is clearly noble and generous. I didn’t expect that a crude peasant woman like Grace could give birth to such a cute little angel?”

This time, Jacob did not refute Palmer.

“Mummy…” Suddenly there was a neat and loud cheering from the three children. It was like a horn, shifting everyone’s eyes to the slowly coming taxi.

The red Baolai taxi really looks particularly abrupt among a group of luxury cars.

Palmer hooked his lips and smiled evilly, “The peasant woman is a peasant woman. It is really not elegant to take this kind of broken car on this occasion. Jacob, thank you for being wise at the time and divorced her in time. Otherwise today ……”

The unfinished words stopped abruptly after seeing Grace getting off the car.

The car door opened, and a pair of red high-heeled shoes fell to the ground, delicate ankles, covered with a silver clover anklet.

Just a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg makes people feel that this unbearable Polaroid is immediately brilliant.

Immediately afterwards, Grace got out of the car door. Today, she wore an elegant ankle-length mermaid dress, (yan) red color, with shining pearls inlaid around her waist, and a hollow round neck and short sleeves, which looked decent, especially when she deliberately ironed it. The long curly hair is randomly bundled with silver round hairpins on the temples. The red dress and white jewelry complement each other.

All Palmer’s sarcastic words about Grace were swallowed abruptly. He pulled Jacob’s sleeve with some uncertainty, and asked, “Is she really Grace?”

Jacob looked directly at Grace.

Her temperament today really surprised him.

The vulgar and scorching image in the impression disappeared, like a fairy, pure enough not to provoke dust, standing there like a virgin embarrassed.

Abdominal poetry and gas from China! Jacob thought of this sentence for some reason.

However, after the shock, Jacob frowned unhappy. She was like him today, wearing red clothes and slightly curly hair, just like a couple who had negotiated in advance.

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