Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 164

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Chapter 164

When Grace got out of the car door, she never dreamed that she would become the focus of so many people. Even more unexpectedly, she would collide with Jacob. Seeing the intense anger in Jacob’s eyes, she was embarrassed and at a loss.

However, Janice still felt that their color matching was a godsend, so she shouted in a high voice, “Sister-in-law, today you and your eldest brother are wearing couple outfits and couple hairstyles. They are really a match made in heaven.”

Jacob cast a vicious look at Janice, and reprimanded her in a low voice, “Isn’t this something you deliberately arranged?”

Janice opened her eyes in surprise, shaking her head like a rattle. “Brother, younger sister is more wronged than Dou E.”

Jacob looked at Grace suspiciously. Her clothes and jewelry looked very valuable. If it weren’t for the clothes Janice gave her, where would she have the money to buy them?

Grace walked over slowly and pulled down the naughty strand of hair. This action made her look so charming.

Palmer looked at Jacob and Grace, and joked narrowly, “The clothes of the same color and the same hairstyle, Jacob, it turns out that your old relationship with Miss Luo has rekindled. Congratulations.”

Jacob frowned, “We have never had love between us, so how can the old love come back?”

Grace saw that Jacob was very unhappy because of their couple outfits. She explained in a low voice, “I just think that wearing red can bring good luck to Janice. If I knew that Lord Zhan also wears red, I would choose Other colors…”

Jacob is dumbfounded!

She unexpectedly coincided with him?

Wait a minute, what does she mean? Dislike wearing a couple models with him?

How many women want to wear couple models with him in their dreams, but she hates him?

Realizing this, Jacob was very upset.

Janice hugged Faith to meet her, and said very moved, “Sister-in-law, I’m so happy that you can come.”

Grace took out a very delicate mini box from her handbag. Pass it to Janice, “I hope you like it.”

At this time, a low laughter sounded, “A gift for Miss Zhanjia. How can such a shabby gift be handed?”

Grace’s face was dark.

Palmer rescued Grace for the first time, “Although the gift is small, it is not necessarily light.”

Janice took the gift box and looked it up, thinking that Grace was embarrassed and afraid that opening her gift box in front of everyone would embarrass her, so she simply put it in her bag and laughed, “A gift from my sister-in-law, It must be extraordinary. I’ll look at it later.”

She took a mouthful of a sister-in-law, making Jacob frowned unhappy.

Janice’s meaning of combining them is too obvious. But Jacob would never recombine with Grace.

Palmer also rejected Janice’s name, “Janice, don’t bark. Miss Luo and your brother are divorced a long time ago. They are both single now, and they can pursue what they love.”

Anyone with a discerning eye can tell that Palmer, the dude boy, has a good impression of Grace.

Jacob left a sentence, “Don’t let the distinguished guests wait too long in there.” Benyin’s bird strode inside with a face.

Grace walked at the back of the crowd, and when he entered the banquet home, he found an unremarkable corner to sit down.

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