Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 165

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Chapter 165

The banquet begins!

In the center of the venue, the lights were colorful and brilliant. On the dance floor, young talents and innocent ladies dance gracefully.

Outside the dance floor, Jacob held a wine cup with the guests coveted, his drinking look was very bold and unruly, and also very sexy and elegant. His gestures were like a noble prince, which made people obsessed. There are too many celebrities and daughters around him. They wear expensive clothes and jewelry limited to the world. They are full of luxury.

Grace sat in the corner, looking a little restrained. Although she wanted to obliterate herself in the darkness in the corner too much, she was dressed too beautifully today, and her temperament was too outstanding, like a luminous body in the dark, dazzling.

From time to time, men would come to her, and they would send her a warm invitation, “Miss, can you dance with us?

Grace refused one by one, “I’m sorry, I won’t!”

She doesn’t know how, on the contrary, she dances very well. She just didn’t want to jump with a man she didn’t like.

In the previous life, she and Jacob jumped over a swan lake. The audience cheered for a long time, and she still remembered the praises of those people in her ears, “They are really a pair of beautiful couples.”

However, the excuse she made was too lame. The women who can enter and leave the banquet of the war house are all people with good educational resources. Women who can’t dance seem to be incompatible with the environment.

“Haha!” came a sneer.

Grace knew who she was without looking back. She just didn’t expect to meet Luo Shiyu in this place.

“Sister, I didn’t expect that after so many years, you still haven’t made any progress. Since you don’t know how to dance, don’t you feel embarrassed to come to this high-class dance party?”

Luo Shiyu walked to the front of Grace, shook the red wine glass in his hand, and looked at Grace contemptuously.

A group of women followed her. To Luo Shiyu’s provocation, they were afraid that the world would not be chaotic. “That’s right, I can’t dance. I came here. Is it because of eating and drinking?”

“You don’t know, my eldest sister has suffered a lot with her sick mother since she was a child. Before coming to the imperial capital, she hadn’t eaten any good food, nor did she have any decent clothes. A big scene like today, she will not miss it if she can attend.” Luo Shiyu said bitterly.

Grace frowned…

Really treat her as a turtle?

Her identity in the previous life is no nobler than these women. Although Yancheng’s Yan family is not as good as the warriors, it is also ranked in the top three in the imperial capital.

She hesitated whether to fight back against these ignorant women?

Jacob’s gaze inadvertently swept towards Grace, and saw her sitting stiffly in the corner, her thin lips curled up with a sarcasm.

At the engagement banquet many years ago, she was not used to such an occasion in every way, and she was embarrassed.

He would not sympathize with her, since a woman like her without self-awareness had the courage to attend such a banquet, she should have the courage to endure the insults and abuses by those women.

“Shiyu, don’t talk about her like that. She is the mother of the young master of the Zhan family anyway, and the young master has such a mummy who is not on the stage, maybe the young master will feel embarrassed! We have to give the young master a little face. ,is not it?”

Grace glanced at the child not far away. Seeing Jason looking at her worriedly, Grace was startled…

Suddenly she raised his neck and drank the red wine in the glass. Then he put the wine glass heavily on the glass table, and the loud and crisp sound attracted the attention of many people.

Jacob swept to her coldly. I don’t know why this woman is going crazy? Intuition tells him that she is likely to get embarrassed like a few years ago.

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