Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 166

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Chapter 166

Grace smiled slightly at Jason. The smile was gorgeous and comforting, as if telling Jason, “Don’t worry about Mommy.”

Jason’s nervous expression was slightly relieved.

He saw Grace suddenly stand up, and her warm eyes, like the blazing sun, swept toward the men in the audience with the fiery rays of youth.

Finally, her gaze fell on Palmer.

She walked towards Palmer swaying, her slender arms placed on Palmer’s shoulders, and whispered to Palmer, “Uncle. Dance with me, and you will surely repay your kindness in the future. “

The reason for choosing Palmer is that only by dancing with a Zhan family man can everyone slander and attack her.

Jacob, she did not dare to invite him. And even if she invited him cheeky, he would definitely refuse her in public and embarrass her.

Everyone, including Jacob, was stunned by Grace’s sudden act.

With so many men in the audience, she chose Palmer, a veteran of love, and how well Palmer danced in ballroom dance was famous in the capital. Grace, the beam jumping clown, danced with him, didn’t she insult herself?

Others are waiting to see her being rejected by Palmer. After all, Palmer has a famous saying that he would not want a woman who actively posted it. How could Grace’s behavior just now be considered an active post?

However, it was beyond everyone’s expectation. Not only did Palmer not refuse her. Instead, the gentleman stretched his hand around her waist. Smiled, “It’s an honor to be prepared.”

Palmer took Grace onto the dance floor, and the waltz melody sounded, and the two of them instantly shined on the dance floor.

Palmer’s dance is skillful, chic and neat, only because the other party is the nephew’s ex-wife, so he converges some teasing movements.

Grace’s dancing posture surprised everyone. Her movements are like moving clouds and flowing water, and it can be seen that her body is flexible, and she dances very well in a few difficult movements, not losing to those professional dancers.

Jacob’s eyes were full of disdain, but now his brows gradually condensed and he fell into meditation.

Grace is really a treasure woman.

It not only hides excellent hacking skills.

Can dance the most complicated waltz. And she jumped so well.

Those women who had babbled and derogated Grace. After seeing Grace’s dancing, he closed his mouth sadly. They even stared at Luo Shiyu condemningly, and blamed her for misleading them. Grace was not ashamed, but they were the ones who were ashamed.

After the song is over, Zhan Ting’s thoughts are still not exhausted, “Miss Luo danced really well. Can you dance with me again when you enjoy your face?”

Grace had already let go of his hand grudgingly, shook her head shyly and refused, “Sorry, I’m a little tired.”

As soon as Grace came out of the dance floor, Janice carried her skirt and ran to Jacob’s side. Begged bitterly:

“Brother, it turns out that my sister-in-law dances so well. Can you invite my sister-in-law to dance a waltz with you? I haven’t seen you dance a waltz for a long, long time.”

Jacob handed her a death gaze. A face of resistance.

“Please, brother, today is my birthday. Just treat it as to fulfill my birthday wish. I’m sorry, brother. Okay?”

Jacob sighed helplessly and resigned, and started walking towards Grace.

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