Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 167

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Chapter 167

Jacob walked to Grace, and from a distance, he saw several young noble sons surrounding Grace, and they talked about Grace’s beautiful words.

“Ms. Luo is not only beautiful, but she dances so well. I don’t know which university Miss Luo is studying in. It must be one of the top universities in China, right?”

Jacob frowned slightly and stopped to stare at Grace. As far as he knows, Grace’s university degree is very low, but it is a humble third-rate university.

The man who asked her this question was Bai Nanning’s elder brother, Bai Nanfeng, who clearly embarrassed Grace on purpose.

When Jacob was hesitating whether to relieve Grace from the siege, Grace smiled, and said calmly, “I heard that when Young Master Bai was studying in a domestic high school, he seemed to be a headache for teachers. sc*m. But Young Master Bai went abroad for gilding for a few years and returned with high spirits. Young Master Bai and I had quite the same experience on the way to school. When we were in China, we didn’t want to make progress. After we went abroad, we learned that foreign moons do not have domestic roundness. , Work hard and make some progress.”

A few words explain the causes and consequences of her former crude ignorance and the current blooming of Jinghua.

Bai Nanfeng asked himself to be boring, and closed his mouth sadly.

Jacob looked at Grace, wondering how much she hides in her shameless appearance.

The other men saw Jacob walking towards Grace, like birds and beasts scattered.

Grace looked at the Jacob standing in front of her. Very surprised, looked at him blankly.

Jacob Falcon’s gaze fell on Grace’s fiery red lace dress. He still couldn’t believe it. Will they choose to wear red clothes today?

He would rather believe that this was her premeditated plan.

Grace could see from his icy eyes that he was brooding about the collision between himself and her, and she stood up and said hesitantly, “Master of war, I should go back. The children had a great time, so please send them later. Are they going home, okay?”

After that, Grace was about to flee in a hurry.

Jacob suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist, “Grace…”

Grace turned her head to look at him suspiciously, and her eyes fell on his hand holding her wrist. A beautiful face was obviously frightened.

Doesn’t this guy always hate touching others? Especially for her, he really disliked her too much.

Jacob glanced at the huge horror in Grace’s pupils, uncomfortably let go. He took out the tissue on the side and wiped the hand that had touched Grace, and then looked at Grace arrogantly.

“Dance with me and then go back.” Even if he is asking for help, his attitude is always the feeling of being above the world.

Grace was faintly angered by his disliked actions, deliberately making things difficult for him, “I’m tired.”

This is tactfully rejecting him!

It was the first time that Jacob had been rejected by a woman when she was so old. He leaned forward and kept his distance from Grace.

The sense of oppression that came from him immediately wrapped Grace almost suffocating, and Grace unconsciously leaned back, trying to get a sufficient distance from him.

But she retreated and he was near.

Grace’s body was bent backwards into a bow, and she was about to fall down, and he still had to take an inch. Grace had to stretch out her hand to press on his chest, resisting him to move on.

In the end, Jacob’s hands were on the table, and Grace was confined by his slender arms. The small space made her feel that this posture was ambiguous and blushing.

Many people glanced meaningfully here. The women gritted their teeth with jealousy.

Grace flushed with shame, “Master of War, please respect yourself.”

A sneered sneer appeared in Jacob’s eyes, “Grace, don’t pretend to be pure, this trick is useless to me.”

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