Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

“Who is trying to catch you? You are obviously the one who is acting so proactively now, okay?” Grace was annoyed.

“Really? So six years ago? Who took the initiative to crawl on my bed?” Jacob’s demon’s voice blew on her face with a moist (hot) breath, making her feel a little confused.

“At that time I was young and ignorant, I was blind, I was blinded by lard, and my head was flooded, so I made such a mistake. If I went back in time, I would not make such a choice. I saw you will walk around—” Grace said incoherently.

Jacob’s eyes were covered with a layer of frost. He straightened up his tall and straight body, despising Grace, “Remember what you said today, it’s best not to have any illusions about me. Otherwise, I will make you very much. Sad.”

Grace drooped her head and whispered, “You haven’t made me feel better now?”

“It will be more sad than it is now.” Jacob’s evil voice was like a devil’s urging spell, making Grace Shudder.

Grace grabbed Bao and wanted to escape, but Jacob suddenly said, “Dancing with me, this is Janice’s birthday wish.”

Grace’s footsteps were frozen in the air, and after a while, she returned to the original place.

“As long as you accompany me to dance a waltz, you will be exempt from three months’ rent.” Jacob said.

Grace wailed. In a low voice, “A few stinky money is great!”

Jacob looked at her, his eyebrows frozen. “What did you say?”

When he is not angry, his face is paralyzed, let alone when he is angry, it is really scarier than the devil. Grace persuaded, “I dance. But I don’t want to dance waltz.”

Why is it a waltz?

Doing the waltz will make her evoke her sad past?

“Phoenix’s name depends on this dance.”

Grace sighed heavily. Since it is the wish of the birthday star, then she will reluctantly jump for it, right?

The music on the dance floor now becomes a nostalgic tango. Jacob and Grace stood there waiting for the music of the waltz.

“Master Zhan, did you skip the waltz before?” The silence made Grace feel extremely embarrassed, and he simply mustered up the courage to chat with her.

But it was asking knowingly.

Jacob said, “Skip!”

“Who did you dance with? Is it the girl you like?” Grace asked, squatting in her heart.

She regretted it, why did she die to ask this question? Knowing that he doesn’t like her, do you have to listen to him personally to give up?

Jacob stared at her speechlessly, “Say one more sentence, believe it or not, let me set your mouth? It’s noisy!”

Grace! “…”

Believe it or not, my old lady won’t dance with you? Want to be so arrogant?

Grace could only be cruel in her heart, but she was silent on her face.

The tango is over and the prelude to the waltz begins.

Jacob stretched out his hand to Grace, Grace instinctively shrank behind… Only when Jacob stared at her, she handed it up obediently.

She was just afraid that he would dislike her… Hey, it seems that everything is wrong?

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