Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 169

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Chapter 169

Jacob held Grace’s hand and walked to the center of the dance floor.

The originally noisy meeting place suddenly became silent. Everyone’s eyes are cast to the center of the dance floor.

Grace is like a puppet being manipulated, looking at Jacob tremblingly. When the music sounded, she was a little dazed in place.

Jacob frowned, he arrogantly and rudely took her into his arms, with his mouth attached to her ear, and threatened in a low voice, “Grace, you can think of embarrassment, but don’t bring me.”

Grace woke up quickly. He was a public figure, and his words and deeds were paid attention to by the public. If they were embarrassed, he might be on the hot search for days and nights.

A man like him who has been shrouded in glory since childhood, should he not be able to lose the face that is said to be the most expensive in the world?

Grace grabbed her mind, familiar music and familiar dancing partner quickly put her into the state.

Jacob didn’t expect her to cooperate with him well. After all, Waltz is not like other ballroom dances. It pays attention to the melody. Only two people with a surprisingly consistent rhythm can step on the same point and play a romantic beauty. Effect.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Grace’s waltz was as if he had skipped countless times, and she could react the fastest to every change of his movements.

A hint of doubt filled Jacob’s eyebrows, and he lowered his eyes to scan her face, only to find that she had cleverly turned her face away from looking at his eyes from beginning to end.

Suddenly Jacob squeezed her hand tightly, Grace almost cried out in pain, and when she raised her head suddenly, she heard Jacob’s dissatisfied voice, “Grace. Am I so shameless? Look at me. .”

Grace looked at Jacob’s flame-burning eyes, very embarrassed, “Master Zhan, I will be distracted if you are like this.” Don’t trouble me when you get embarrassed.

Although she said so, her dance steps were not affected in any way.

Jacob was shocked, and occasionally a stubborn force radiated from her light dance steps. When she dances, she really looks like a person-Irene.

“Who taught you to dance this dance?” Jacob asked suspiciously.

Grace looked into his eyes, his eyes were like the sea of stars, always so vast and secluded, making her unpredictable.

She courageously said, “My first love boyfriend, he danced this dance very well. In order to be able to dance with him, I learned this dance seriously.”

Jacob said in disgust, “You fall in love early?” He remembered that she seemed to be in her early twenties when she married him.

Grace nodded. “The other party is too good, I couldn’t help falling in love. I can’t get out again.”

“Don’t show a deep infatuation, Grace, you are the most fraternity woman I have ever seen.” Jacob disgusted.

Grace’s clear pupils were covered with flames in an instant, “Warlord, can you guarantee that you will only love one person in your life, marry one person, and only have children with one woman? If you can do everything If the war master can’t do this, don’t laugh at me and the little girl who is ruthlessly teased by fate.”

Jacob thought for a while. The girl he liked was Irene, but he had a baby with Grace. In the future, he might find the most suitable mom for the children. It seems that he himself has not been dedicated and affectionate?

However, it was not his intention to struggle with so many women.

What about Grace? Is she really the same as him, teased by fate?

“Let’s just listen, how destiny teased you mercilessly?” he asked suddenly with interest.

Grace pretended to be mysterious, “This is my privacy.”

Jacob’s eyes were frozen. Just about to criticize her a few words, the waltz was finished, and there were enthusiastic cheers all around.

Jacob hadn’t come out of Grace’s anger for rejecting him, but Grace took the lead in throwing away his hand, as if he was a 10,000-year poison to avoid him.

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