Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 137

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Chapter 137

All of a sudden.

‘Mr. Lin’s new is almost like a comet which is going to hit on the land of Jiangshi.

It’s just that Shaun didn’t care about all this.

If it wasn’t for Mike’s arrogance, he would be lazy to shoot.

Shaun was slowly going towards the Liyuan Mansion on electric bike.

However, when he reached at the door of house, he suddenly saw Elvira, Baishan, and Paula, were already waiting at the door.

Especially when Shaun just entered the house.

Huh huh!

The gazes of the three of them swept over, one by one with deep scrutiny.

“Wife, what are you doing?” Shaun’s face was slightly stiff, but he still greeted her with a smile.

Seeing Shaun carrying a large vegetable basket and the dazzling array of vegetables inside.

The corners of Elvira’s mouths twitched.

They still couldn’t believe that Shaun had any connection with the person on live TV broadcaster whose name is also Lin.

After all, Shaun beside them is only proficient in washing and cooking, buying vegetables and mopping the floor.

And the doctor Lin in the live broadcast, saved the dying person with his magical skills.

He can’t be the same person at all.

“Shaun, where were you?”

Elvira stared at Shaun’s expression, as if she wanted to see through Shaun’s mind.

“Buy vegetables!” Shaun was startled, then pointed to the vegetable basket and said.

“Did you really went to buy vegetables? Or, someone helped you buying, and you went to the hospital?”

Elvira said this sentence.

Elvira and her parents looking at Shaun with more complicated and scrutinized manner.

“To the hospital?”

Shaun scratched his head with a face full of innocence, and said:

“Of course I went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. Why should I go to the hospital?”

He acting as, his acting skills can definitely be nominated for the Oscar Award.

Whether it’s the head scratching or the innocent expression, it reveals the helplessness and sadness of a the person standing in front of them.

This scene made Elvira embaressed, and even felt a little guilty in her heart.

My family is too harsh on Shaun and let a big man run into the vegetable market every day.

However, Elvira shook her head shortly, and then she wanted to continue to ask questions.

Just at this moment, they heard a sound from outside of the door:

“Ah, Shaun, I saw you at the vegetable market just now, you came back very quickly!”


The Elvira and her parents got stunned for a moment, and then found that Aunt Zhang passed by the door carrying a vegetable basket.

“Aunt Zhang, did you see Shaun at the vegetable market?” Elvira asked suspiciously.

“Yeah! Elvira, your man is really capable. The vegetables he picked are fresh and cheap!” Aunt Zhang said:

“The people in the whole vegetable market were complimenting him. Whoever marries such a careful and patient man will be very lucky.”

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