Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 136

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Chapter 136


At this moment, after hearing Mike’s horrified words, whether it was Harper or Li Mingyi and others, they were all confused.

They never thought that Mike, a madman of western medicine, would actually apologize to the genius Doctor Lin.

This…what’s wrong with him?

Harper and others were not believing.

Old Gao obviously understood what Mike was afraid of.

He shook his head lightly:

“Sorry, I don’t want to distrub the genius doctor Lin, if you want to apologize, there is only one person, maybe he can help you!”


Hearing this, Mike was stunned for a moment, and then Harper and the others became curious.

They couldn’t believe that in this place in Jiang City, even the senior doctor of Jiang City’s first Chinese medicine doctor could not invite Lin, so who else could do it.

“Old Gao, tell me, who can help Mr. Mike?” Harper asked quickly.

In an instant, the Bai family, all others present there stared at the senior.

Gao Lao’s look was slightly weird.

Especially, looking at Harper and other Bai family members, there is a trace of contempt and playfulness:



These two words fell in the ears of everyone, making Harper and all the senior leaders of the Bai family stunned.

Elvira knows the genius doctor Lin?

What a…how could it be possible.

Especially Harper, his eyelids jumped wildly at this moment, and his mouth muttered:

“Elvira knows him, and his surname is Lin. Is that genius doctor Lin… Shaun?”

Harper unconsciously thought of the’Qilinhorsid’ disease.

After all, it was Shaun who first pointed out that Grandpa has the Qilinhusde disease.


“Impossible! That waste was in Bai family for three years, just eating and waiting to die, washing and cooking, how could he can be a genius doctor?”

Thinking of this, Harper immediately shook his head, and threw this absurd idea out of his mind.

At the same time!

After this live broadcast, the entire Jiang City was completely exploded.

Whether it’s the streets or alleys, or shopping malls and hotels, almost everyone is talking about the skills of Doctor Lin.

Just a few minutes of acupuncture and moxibustion will bring a dying person to life, which is simply a miracle.

Especially on the Internet.

Jiangshi Post Bar, Jiangshi News, and even Jiangshi forums, large and small, were almost completely screened by the words “Mr. Lin”.

‘Shock! The genius doctor of Jiang City is here to take acupuncture and moxibustion in five minutes to bring patients back to life! ‘

‘Is Hua Tuo alive? Or is Bian Que reborn? Master Lin tells the world what a Chinese medicine is! ‘

‘The pride of Chinese medicine, the backbone of China! Master Lin, let the western doctors worship him! ‘


A series of eye-catching headlines blasted on all the networks in Jiangshi city.

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