Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 135

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Chapter 135

When the densely packed needles pierced Fei Zhong’s body, Li Mingyi and other Chinese doctors watching the video next, it seems like their eyes are about to fall out!

“How can it be so precise? Especially the strength of his needles, this is completely textbook teaching!”

“Oh my god, a good acupuncture method is simply unbelievable. Someone can use acupuncture to such an amazing level!”


All the Chinese medicine experts were confused.

They also know acupuncture!

But it can be guaranteed that no one at all can control the force with such skills and explore the acupoints with such precision.

This is simply a difficult task.

It’s more than that!

As the video playback continues.

They saw that after all the needles fell, Shaun went straight away.

After that, Gao Lao started on his own!


Then, old Fei on the hospital bed suddenly opened his eyes, and with the support of the Gao, stepped down from the hospital bed slowly.

At this moment, when the video playback stopped finally.

In the corridor, only the heavy breathing and the thumping heartbeats of everyone remained.

“The genius doctor! God, this turned out to be a real genius doctor!” Li Mingyi seemed to lose his strength, his whole body swayed, and he could only hold on to the wall before falling down.

And the other side!


Mike’s whole body, as if lost his soul, sat down on the ground:

“It’s that person!”

“God… my God! The one who disappeared for few years is here, it turned out to be him!!!”



Beads of sweat rushed down from Mike’s forehead.

He couldn’t even dream that he would encounter his idol somewhere in China.

“It’s over!”

Mike’s complexion grew paler and paler.

He knew that the Bone Sacred Hand back then treated many business and political tycoons and God of War assassins in the world, and that each of those people had hands and eyes open to the sky, and they would definitely investigate the current situation.

If those international giants knew that he dared to be an enemy of their benefactor, and even mocked him for being a tortoise, then he would not be far from death.

Thinking of this, Mike almost freaked out.

“Mr. Mike, what’s the matter with you? Get up!” At this moment, Harper saw Mike sitting down on the ground, and quickly stepped forward to please him.

After all, although Mike failed to treat his grandfather, his reputation and his medical skills will remain useful in the future.


Mike didn’t pay attention to Harper at all, his eyes rolled and he stared directly at Gao.

Then, with a loud thud, he knelt in front of the old man, hugged the opponent’s thigh, and cried and said:

“Mr. Gao, please, let me see Dr. Lin! I…I want to apologize to Dr. Lin face to face, I… I was wrong…”

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