Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 170

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Chapter 170

Jacob’s resentment is even worse!

Grace returned to the corner, her heart beating violently, unable to calm down for a long time.

She can still dance waltz with Jacob in her lifetime?

Round dance, round dance, as the name suggests, repeats from the beginning to the end.

Will the fate of her and Jacob be the same as that of Waltz?

In a dark corner, the jealousy in Bai Nanning’s eyes was like a deep sea, quenching flames.

She is the true girlfriend of Jacob, but Grace has taken her place today, and the limelight is so full, she will make her pay a heavy price.

Bai Nanning turned and disappeared into a secluded corner.

After a long while.

“Miss Luo!” Suddenly a gentle voice interrupted Grace’s reverie. Grace looked at the beautiful woman who suddenly appeared in front of her, “What’s the matter?”

“Miss Luo, someone wants to see you, please come with me.” The woman’s attitude is very gentle.

Grace didn’t know what purpose she had, her eyes hesitated.

“Miss Luo, the old lady of the Zhan Family wants to see you.” The beautiful woman raised her eyebrows, with a guilty conscience in her eyes.

Grace was slightly startled, Master Zhan?

The old man and his grandfather are good brothers who worship the handle. When she was a child, she often saw the old lady, and the old lady always smiled and looked amiable every time she saw her. Treat her more closely than her granddaughter.

However, he is someone who is close to each other, and he seems very alienated from Grace.

Grace got up, and the woman took Grace into the VIP lounge in the club. After Grace entered, the door was suddenly locked.

A stalwart man was sitting on a black leather swivel chair. When Grace entered, he leaned his head on the back of the sofa, looking a little weak.

Grace stood in front of the black rectangular table, looking at the strange man in front of him, knowing that she was deceived, but she was very calm.

As everyone knows, outside at this moment, someone is waiting to see their jokes.

Several parents of the Zhan family and the Bai family are meeting together to discuss the marriage of Janice and the returned giant Bai Suyuan.

Jacob is very concerned about Janice’s personal happiness, so he attended this parent meeting.

The big screen in the room was originally scrolling to show the growth of Janice, but suddenly he switched to Bai Suyuan’s room.

When Bai Suyuan and Grace were in the same room, one stone caused a thousand waves. The people of the Bai family resented that iron and steel could not be made into steel. “What’s the matter with Su Yuan?”

The members of the Zhan Family looked at each other and looked at Jacob, “Juer, isn’t this Jas’s mommy? How could he be with Bai Suyuan?”

Jacob’s eyes were frozen.

He always felt that Grace’s private life was chaotic, and he was not surprised to see this scene. However, he didn’t want Grace to do anything that would damage Derek’s face.

Fortunately, Grace stood in front of Bai Suyuan in a regular manner. The two of them didn’t do anything out of courtesy, and everyone remained calm.

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