Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 171

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Chapter 171

Bai Suyuan opened his dim eyes, saw the pure and beautiful Grace, and teased him, “Beauty, you want to meddle with me. With your appearance, you don’t need such trouble at all. What kind of medicine, make me feel weak. How can I serve you? Give me the antidote, I promise to satisfy you!”

The Bai family’s complexion became very difficult to look. Grace was Jacob’s ex-wife. How dare Bai Suyuan hook her?

Is he desperate?

Jacob’s face was blue, his eyes were not instantaneously staring at the big screen, if his eyes could turn into a flying knife, and he would definitely shoot Grace into a sieve.

She actually tried the same trick again and gave Bai Suyuan the medicine again?

Grace looked at Bai Suyuan as if appreciating a national treasure. After a long while, Grace curled her lips and smirked. “When I look at you, I know that you must have done too many wicked things. Someone wants to retaliate against you.”

Bai Suyuan’s body was weak and weak, his eyes suddenly became loose, and his cheeks began to turn red. “Are you not the one who gave me the medicine?”

Grace wondered that this guy’s medicinal properties were about to break out. In order to prevent him from violating himself when he lost control, Grace rummaged in the room looking for useful things. He said, “Although you look like a dog, I’m sorry you are not the type you like.”

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched, how could there be such a compliment?

“What are you looking for?” Bai Suyuan asked puzzled.

Grace turned out a woven bag and cut it into a thick and long belt with scissors, then walked to Bai Suyuan and said, “In order to prevent you from hurting me when you lose control, I have to tie you up.”

Bai Suyuan was very depressed, “How dare you tie me? Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t care who you are, but Jacob is standing here today, and I am tying it correctly. I am a legitimate defense.” Grace tied up Bai Suyuan’s hands and tied his feet.

Jacob: “…”

So arrogant? Dare to tie him?

After tying Bai Suyuan, Grace still had a lot of straps left in his hand. In line with the principle of making the best use of everything, she wrapped Bai Suyuan in circles into zongzi.

“Hey, what did you tie me to a personal stick?” Bai Suyuan said angrily.

After Grace used up the tape, she exhaled, “This is called the best use of everything!”

Bai Suyuan looked at her gloomily, “You can stop me from acting on you, but you can’t stop me from yy you in my mind.”

Grace’s pretty face turned black… suddenly reminded him with a smirk, “Do you know who I am?”

Bai Suyuan looked at Grace’s clothing, “The jewels on her body are all high-end cheap goods, and the clothes are also highly imitations. Isn’t it the ugly duckling in the fairy tale world who wants to become a white swan?”

Grace was stunned, “It’s quite discerning!”

“Beauty, I think you are the type I like. Why not, today you lift the seal for me, I will give you money to give you status, and let you, the ugly duckling, be promoted to the swan of my Bai family, how about?”

Grace nodded and threatened him solemnly, “I’m fine, but I’m afraid that the Lord Zhan will let you humanely destroy you in minutes after knowing that you and I are in trouble.”

“Warlord, which warlord?” Bai Suyuan did not die before the Yellow River. “The warlord is calling him too much. I am not afraid of everyone. For example, Siye Palmer, I and he are like-minded friends.”

“Jacob!” Grace smiled like a flower, “I am Jacob’s ex-wife, and do you dare to ask?”

As soon as Bai Suyuan heard that she was Jacob’s ex-wife, he froze instantly. “Woman, you better stay away from me!”

Grace sat next to him, as if interrogating a prisoner, and asked, “Who gave you the medicine?”

Bai Suyuan was in pain, and his body was sweat at the moment. Dim eyes looked at Grace affectionately, “I feel bad, can you help me?”

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