Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 172

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Chapter 172

“If you want to destroy humanity, I can help you.” Grace teased him mischievously.

Bai Suyuan was speechless, “Can you be pure I just want you to pour me a glass of water?”

Grace was dumb.

She got up and gave him a cup of warm water, and when she handed it to him, Bai Suyu looked at her deeply resentfully, “You tied my hand, can you feed me?”

Grace stretched out a hand and raised his chin to pour water into him.

Bai Suyuan burst into tears and roared, “Are you a woman? So rude?”

Grace didn’t have a good air, “It’s good to have water to drink, don’t ask so much.”

Grace continued to torture, “Think about it, who gave you the medicine? Why did he harm you? I am the most famous woman in the imperial capital. She asked me to ruin you, so she wouldn’t want to give you a virtuous one. Shude’s good wife, right?”

Bai Suyuan looked at Grace and laughed, “You are quite self-aware!”

Grace asked him twice, but he avoided answering. She was so angry that she kicked him, “Could you please speak up? Who will give you the medicine?”

“Grace, no woman has dared to be so rude to me. You are the first one.” Bai Suyuan warned, “Be polite to me, otherwise you will have a hard time in the future.”

Grace kicked Bei Suyuan fiercely again, “I will not let you get better now, and if you don’t let me get better in the future, think about yourself and not lose money.” After that, she kicked.

Bai Suyuan: “…”

At this time, the door was suddenly opened, and when several parents of the Zhan Family and the Bai Family suddenly appeared at the door, Grace, who was violent, immediately retracted her legs hanging in the air.

Madam Bai said bitterly, “Miss Luo has such a big temper!”

Grace smiled awkwardly, “Mrs. Bai has praised her.”

Stroking her chest, fortunately, the Bai family didn’t see her beating someone!

Jacob stared at Grace coldly, and poured a basin of cold water down, “Grace, who used you to beat the young master of the Bai family?”

Grace stumbled, only to realize that her evil deeds had been seen by them.

Looking around the top of my head, I found the camera hidden corner.

“Zhan Ye, it was Young Master Bai who begged me to kick him. He was drugged, and his body was uncomfortable, so he was so panicked.” She was sure that the monitor had no sound.

Bai Suyuan’s eyes were about to kill.

Who knows, Jacob poured her a basin of ice water again, “Grace, I don’t think he owes a beating, but you owe a beating. If you monitor with audio, you should look at the place when you lie.”

Grace almost fainted on the spot, she finally became a villain. It was caught by someone.

She immediately shrank into a quail, looking at Jacob pretending.

Jacob saw her scornful expression, and remembered her arrogant energy kicking Bai Suyuan just now, his eyebrows couldn’t help catching a sneer.


The Bai family carried Bai Suyuan away, and Bei Suyuan kept muttering, “I’m so uncomfortable…”

The Patriarch of the Bai family made his mouth shut directly.

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