Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 173

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Chapter 173

Jacob expressed his opinion on this matter on behalf of the Zhan Family, “Uncle Bai, I will investigate this matter clearly. I will give you an account.”

He squinted at Grace and grinned his teeth, “Grace will leave it to me.”

The Patriarch of the Bai family said, “There is less labor and warfare! Just a small punishment and a small punishment, don’t cause death.” Yu Bi Yang walked away.

Grace was shocked, and shouted at the leaving Bai family: “Master Bai, I am willing to accept any punishment from you.” Guild begging you not to hand me over to the Great Demon King Jacob!

Jacob looked at Grace and said quietly, “Come with me.”

Grace hugged the European-style wooden pillar next to her tightly, as if to become a whole with it.

Jacob took a few steps, then turned around and found that Grace hadn’t followed, and his eyes instantly became frosty.

“Grace?” The high pressure of the volcano erupted in the voice.

Grace looked at Jue Zhan Han poorly, “Master Zhan, this matter has nothing to do with you, don’t bother you. I will go to the Bai family to plead for the crime.”

When she fell into the hands of Jacob, she had to take off several layers of skin to survive.

Jacob stayed in place and looked at Grace with her arms in his arms. “Isn’t it arrogant when I beat Bai Suyuan just now?”

Grace was about to cry, “Zhan Ye, I was wrong? If I knew that it would hurt him, I wouldn’t dare to beat him if you gave me ten thousand courage?”

Grace was really afraid of Jacob. In the last life, she loved and feared him. When he is not losing his temper, she can be his pet cat and hang on him to act like a baby. When he lost his temper, the whole world fell apart in an instant, and the six relatives did not recognize him.

“Come here, cut the pillar.” Jacob said with a solemn face.

Before long, two workers walked over, holding saws in their hands.

Grace looked at the gorgeous European-style pillar. If she was sawn off because of her, then she would really be guilty.

In order to protect this expensive European pillar from her involvement, Grace slowly separated from the pillar. Dejectedly, she followed Jacob to another independent luxurious room, Jacob sat down on the chair leisurely, staring at Grace.

Grace had nowhere to put her eyes, standing in front of him like a prisoner being interrogated.

“Why did you appear in Bai Suyuan’s room?” Jacob’s voice was like a devil’s voice from the wind. It is chilling.

“Someone invited me over.” Grace answered his question tremblingly.


“Do not know.”

“People you don’t know invite you, don’t you know to refuse?”

Jacob opened the cigarette, lit a cigarette for himself, took a violent cigarette, and exhaled a circle of white mist, and said, “Grace, you know what, I think I have lowered my IQ when I talk to you.”

Grace was so shocked by him that she simply broke the jar and protested in a low voice, “Master War, I didn’t ask you to talk to me. You insisted on torturing me. You hand me over to Bai as soon as possible. Home, lest I make you mentally retarded.”

Jacob’s mouth is poisonous, Grace’s mouth can be opened occasionally, and it is no inferior to Jacob.

Jacob’s face turned black, and his voice dropped a few decibels, “Grace, do you remember what the person who invited you looked like?”

“Girl, very tall and sexy…”

“Speaking of the point?” Jacob was furious.

Grace said aggrieved, “I’m talking about the point!”

“Face!” Jacob reminded her depressed.

Grace snorted, “It looks very abstract, like being run over by a wheel twice.”

Jacob held back the anger in his heart, “Describe the specific point.”

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