Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 174

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Chapter 174

Grace’s thinking is confused. She can’t maintain a calm and rational mind when facing the war master. She speaks incoherently, “Her face, her nose, and her mouth are bigger than those of the war master… “Jacob is the kind of slapped face, like a masterpiece carved by God, without any extra existence.

Jacob couldn’t stand it anymore, he stood up quickly, and Chao Grace hooked her finger.

Grace walked over in a daze, Jacob’s pliers-like hands suddenly pinched her mouth, and his other hand took the tape next to her, completely sealing her mouth.

“The ability to express is so lacking, it’s better to use your hands!” He was domineering, ruthless and cruel.

“Uuuuu…” Grace glared at Jue Zhan Han, cursing, “Jue Zhan Han, you bastard, you sc*m…”

Jacob sat back on the chair, frowned and soothed, took out a piece of paper and a pen from the drawer, and handed it to Grace, “Draw her out.”

Grace shook her head desperately, why should she paint something that can be said clearly in a few words?

How much trouble painting?

Moreover, he taught her how to paint. Wouldn’t she show what she painted in front of him?

Jue Zhan Han looked at Grace condescendingly, and ordered, “Grace, draw quickly, don’t waste time.”

Grace tried her best to speak clearly: “My painting skills are poor.”

Jacob stared at her, “Is it worse than your expressive ability?”

Grace suddenly picked up the paintbrush and drew on the white a4 paper.

At first she could deliberately conceal her brushwork, but slowly, as she got better, she exposed her instinctive habits.

For example, during intermittent pauses, out of an instinctive habit, she would wrap the pen with her entire fist, and even if she scribbled randomly on the paper, her brushwork was very skillful.

Jacob watched her holding the pen and the strokes of the lines, his eyes slowly overflowing with surprise.

If he didn’t look at Grace’s face, he would have an illusion that Irene was painting.

Grace drew a few more strokes, raised her eyes and saw the astonishment in Jacob’s eyes, so that Grace quickly lost her pen and adjusted her pen holding posture hastily. This time it is a very regular pen holding posture.

But the more she covered up like this, the more surprised Jacob was. What was she covering up?

He looked at Grace’s face suspiciously, and unexpectedly discovered that she was pouting her mouth and was aggrieved, occasionally showing playfulness, occasionally low eyebrows and contemplation…The charm is simply lingering. Pirated.

Jacob’s chest went up and down inexplicably, and he tried his best to suppress the gushing curiosity in his heart.

After Grace finished painting, she blew a breath and smiled at him.

This scene stunned him again. Because every time Irene finishes his difficult tasks, she will breathe out in relief.

Then smiled at him Bai Meiqianjiao!

He suddenly caught Grace’s wrist out of control…Grace cried out, “Master Zhan, what do you want to do?”

He didn’t understand what she was saying, so he had to tear off the tape from her mouth. He wanted to be gentle, but he hurt her because he was too excited.

Grace covered her mouth in pain and jumped up, “Ah, it hurts me to death!”

Jacob watched her move while covering her mouth, as if she had seen her panicking after eating instant noodles and being caught by him… At that moment, all the operations in her mind were still.

Like, very much!

Grace suddenly turned around and found that the gaze Jacob looked at her was very unusual. She stretched out her hand and waved in front of Jacob’s eyes, “Master Zhan, what happened to you? Did you recognize the woman I painted? ?”

Jacob held her wrist and looked at her fixedly.

“Master Zhan…” Grace lifted her painting and handed it to Jacob.

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