Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 175

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Chapter 175

Jacob’s eyes were forced to move to the portrait…

In addition to the skillful brushwork, the sketched portrait has nothing to do with it. It’s like a person’s five senses are masterpieces of God when viewed separately, but together they can be called the scene of a car accident.

This is by no means Irene’s level.

Jacob shook his head and retreated all the chaotic pictures in his mind.

It’s ridiculous, how could a vulgar and shameless woman like Grace be the perfect Irene she taught?

Irene’s paintings are works that professional art students would be ashamed of seeing them.

Looking at Grace’s paintings again, it is as if what she was going to paint was an eagle with its wings spread out and flying, but what was finally handed in was a picture of a chicken pecking at rice.

Jacob felt that his brain was twitching, his eyes were dazzling, or he missed too much, that’s why he had such a bizarre and absurd illusion.

“You go!” Jacob’s mind was confused. He needs to be calm.

Grace escaped if she was pardoned.

After the banquet, Janice brought three adorable treasures to Jacob, and said with a high expression, “Brother, your little bun is really a face to me today. My group of friends are jealous of me!”

Jacob covered the painting in his hand on Janice’s face and said, “If I remember correctly, this person seems to be your friend?”

Janice tore down the painting, took a glance, and threw it to the ground angrily, “She and I are plastic sisters. When I liked Irene a few years ago, she encouraged me to chase Irene, but then she k!ss Irene.”

Jacob didn’t want to hear his sister’s immature dog-blood love, and interrupted her directly, “She sent Grace to Bai Suyuan’s room today. This person is not right. It’s best if you don’t interact with her in the future. “

Janice exclaimed in astonishment, “God. Sister-in-law was not bullied, right?”

Jacob said leisurely, “She is very good and gave Bai Suyuan a beating.”

Janice immediately showed her extreme admiration for Grace, “Sister-in-law is mighty!”

Derek picked up the portrait on the ground and pouted, “It’s ugly!”

Janice patted Derek’s forehead, “Ugly people are a lot of trouble, so Derek must look for a beautiful girlfriend in the future.”

Jacob glared at Janice, “Don’t teach the children indiscriminately.”

Derek, “I’m not saying that the people in the painting are ugly, I mean the painting is ugly.”

Jacob felt that this was a God-given opportunity to divorce the relationship between mother and son, and said without concealment, “This is your mommy painted.”

Derek opened Liuli Tongzi in shock, and shouted in disbelief, “How could Mommy draw so ugly, it’s not as good as me?”

The expression of Grace’s guilty conscience when her painted flashed in Jacob’s mind. Can’t help frowning. Did Grace paint ugly on purpose?

“Derek, did Mommy draw well?” Jacob was more concerned.

Derek nodded and said proudly, “Of course. Mummy’s paintings can sell for a lot of money.”

Jacob’s face changed slightly, and a painting that could be sold was definitely grounded. But the “chicken pecking rice map” in his hand is not an entry-level painting level…

It seems that Grace really intentionally conceals the true level of her painting.

But why should she hide it?

Jacob’s calm heart became excited again, and that unrealistic idea came out again.

“Go home.” For some reason, he wanted to see her again at this moment.

After separating from Janice, Jacob returned home with three adorable treasures.

It was nearly ten in the evening, and Faith and Derek fell asleep in the car. Jacob looked at the two children, and finally chose to pick up his son.

Jason looked at Daddy and shook his head helplessly.

“Daddy, you should hold Faith. This is called gentlemanly.”

Jacob squeezed Jason’s nose, “Keep a distance from the opposite s3x who is not related by blood. This is a gentleman.”

Jason shook Faith awake, Faith opened her sleepy eyes and saw Daddy holding the sleeping Derek, Ai Ai sighed.

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