Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 176

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Chapter 176

She has tried to be nice to Daddy these days, but it seems that Daddy still doesn’t like her.

When Jacob entered the house holding Derek, Grace was sitting on the sofa nervously waiting for the children. Grace’s heart sinks slightly when she sees Jacob holding the sleeping Derek and Jason pulls in with the sleepy-eyed Faith.

Jacob is known for being domineering and protecting shortcomings, but he should be treated differently to such a small child, which really made her look at him with admiration.

“Mummy.” Faith pitied into her arms when she saw her.

Grace rubbed her little head gently, Faith’s voice with a hint of crying that was imperceptible, and it was obvious that he was very sad about Daddy’s unfair treatment.

Grace picked up Faith and took Jason to walk upstairs.


Jacob’s eyes fell deep on Grace’s thin but tough back.

Grace stood at the top of the stairs, turned her head, Lian Yan Qiu pupil was mixed with a trace of protest and dissatisfaction towards him.

“Master Zhan, what’s your order?” Her voice was hard.

“I’m hungry, give me a bowl of noodles.” Jacob’s strong command tone was softer than noticeable.

In order to prove the speculation in his heart, he wanted to test her.

Try all means to test her.

Grace was stunned. Jacob had a serious stomach problem, so he had been strict with himself for many years and maintained a regular and quantitative diet.

He is not afraid of a stomach attack if he eats before going to bed?

“Okay.” Grace compromised. With her current status, there seems to be no reason to persuade him to eat reasonably.

After the children were settled, Grace went downstairs, Jacob sat on the sofa, and Falcon’s eyes fell on her.

Imagination is a very scary thing. Since he associates her with Irene, her words and deeds make him feel the shadow of Irene.

It was as if she was hesitating whether to give him the following appearance, if it was Irene, she would also hesitate. Irene is afraid that he will have a stomach attack and that he will starve…

Grace entered the kitchen and soon brought out a bowl of plain noodles. No oil, no chili…

Jacob raised his eyes and looked at her. Is she protecting his stomach?

“This…how to eat it?” He deliberately made things difficult for her.

Grace rolled up his chopsticks and poked the face, and handed it to his mouth, “Just eat like this?”

Jacob: “…”

“Is there no condiments in our family?” Jacob asked with a black face.

Grace yelled, “I didn’t let it go because I was too troublesome.”

This excuse is really crappy.

Jacob became unhappy, “Is it troublesome to cook noodles for me?”

Grace: “…”

Silence is gold!

“More spicy,” he ordered.

She walked into the kitchen helplessly around, and took it out lightly.

Jacob took the bowl in her hand and saw that the swollen and soft noodles were as puffy as Irene’s noodles.

He had eaten a small bowl of noodles for a long time.

He has been thinking about a question: Why is Grace so like his Irene?

Obviously two people, why do they give him such a strange and strong feeling?

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