Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 141

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Chapter 141


The father and son saw that Mike’s eyes were red, as if he went crazy.

This is absolutely true.

This guy must know some kind of earth-shattering secrets, and he is in a hurry, then his family will have to follow suit.

Thinking of this, Haibai felt a tingling scalp:

“Ok… alright!”

“I’ll take you there. Even if I have to kneel down to beg this time, I will beg Elvira and request her to make it us possible to meet the genius doctor Lin!”

That’s it!

Haibai immediately took everyone and walked out of the hospital!


They are in a many in number, including all the top men in Jiang City’s medical field, and everyone in the hospital is watching.

Li Yuan Palace!

Not long after Shaun’s family returned to the room, two uninvited guests came.

They are two women.

Their clothes are graceful and luxurious, and they are Elvira’s aunt Zhu Hua and second aunt Yang Meifeng.

The expressions of these two women were somber and resentful.

Especially Yang Meifeng, her eyes kept staring at Shaun, eager to eat him.


Baishan quickly became very embarrassed, he could not help coughing first, and then helped Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng pour the water, then cautiously asked:

“I don’t know why you both are here this time?”

Hearing this.

Aunt Zhu Hua picked up the water and took a sip, then coldly said to Baishan:

“Third brother-in-law, we are here this time to ask, what exactly your family is going to do?”


This sentence confused the Baishan family.

“Sister, I… I don’t get it what you mean.”

Baishan was confused and didn’t understand where he had provoke this woman.

Just hearing Baishan’s words, Aunt Zhu Hua seemed to have heard the funniest joke, staring at Baishan, and questioning angrily:

“You don’t understand what it means? Then you can ask your good son-in-law!”


The Baishan family’s complexion changed, and they were even more confused, not understanding what it has to do with Shaun.

Immediately, they heard it.

“Third brother-in-law, Shaun, your son-in-law, is really disaster for our family. First of all, he hurted the second brother’s family and made them to go to jail!”

“Then our family, we got hurted and he forced us to leave the house, now what? Mr. Bai who was hurted by him is now admit in the hospital, his life and death is uncertain!”

“Hmph, I think you are raising a hungry wolf!”


As soon as these words came out, the Baishan family’s complexion changed wildly.

Then they understood that aunt Zhu Hua and the second aunt Yang Meifeng had came to bash Shaun.

In an instant, the Baishan family got flushed with anger.

“Sister-in-law, what you said is not right!”

Paula couldn’t help it anymore, she stood up.

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