Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 177

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Chapter 177

In the middle of the night, Jacob successfully relapsed his stomach.

His stomach hurts so much that he can’t sleep, so he had to go downstairs to find stomach medicine. In the end, he slumped on the stairs, and the movement awakened Grace.

Grace walked out wearing a coat and saw Jacob sitting on the stairs holding his stomach, she knew he had a stomach attack.

She ran over quickly, originally wanting to carry Jacob back to his room, but Jacob is 1.89 meters tall, and she doesn’t have the strength to support him at the moment, Grace can’t move him at all.

She could only run downstairs, found his stomach medicine, poured a glass of warm water, returned to him, and fed him the medicine by herself.

“What did you eat for me?” Although Jacob was so painful that he couldn’t move, his super strong willpower kept him awake.

Grace said without thinking, “Your stomach medicine! Magnesium aluminum carbonate and Omela file!”

Jacobying shot out a touch of surprise in the eyes of the Eagle, and there were a variety of stomach medicines in the medicine box, but how did she know that he only took two medicines that control stomach acid and protect the gastric mucosa? Rather than boosting gastric motility?

He is intolerant to domperidone, and he vomits once every time.

Jacob opened the bright pupils, and saw the unconcealed anxiety and worry in Grace’s eyes. Jacob was a little surprised.

Normally, he never gave her a good face, and she always treated him harshly under his repeated injuries.

He thought she hated him in her heart!

“Do I want butyric?” he said weakly.

He just couldn’t control his crazy desire to test her!

How did Grace know that Jacob was hiding his heart? His emotions are real and natural.

“I don’t have any more dimethrin at home.” She prevaricates him.

He was worried that he was confused, so he thought about taking the medicine he couldn’t tolerate. Grace forcibly poured him magnesium aluminum carbonate tablets and Omera…

Jacob looked at this disobedient woman depressed. After the stomach medicine was taken down, perhaps the pain was relieved, and he actually got up slowly, but the softness of his whole body made him staggered and almost fell, Grace had to lend him his hand.

“Master Zhan, let me help you up!”

Jacob did not reject her this time.

Grace knew that he didn’t like touching her, and held his arm carefully. This action does not give the patient any support.

Jacob didn’t have a good airway, “Is there anyone who helps patients like you?”

Grace conscientiously pulled his hand over and put it on the back of her neck, letting his whole body almost fall on his back, and dragged him into the house with the strength of milking.

After finally getting Jacob onto the bed, this guy fell asleep, snoring evenly.

Grace had to take off his shoes, socks, coat… and carefully covered him with bedding.

Tired Grace kept kicking.

Grace looked at the sleeping man, his eyebrows were outlined, and perhaps because the pain of stomach problems was still there, he frowned.

Grace whispered angrily with hatred of iron and steel, “you deserve it, knowing that you have a stomach problem, you still have to eat noodles! You want to add spicy food, what virtue.”

Then turned off the lights and tiptoed away.

In the dark night, Jacob opened a pair of sharp eyes like an eagle!

Grace, what secret are you hiding?

The next day, Jacob got up early.

Grace couldn’t get up because she didn’t rest at night.

When Mengbao went downstairs, they saw Jacob making breakfast for them in the kitchen.

“Daddy, isn’t Mommy making breakfast?” Jason stood at the door of the kitchen, curious.

The movement in Jacob’s hands stalled, and he was wondering if she could afford it.

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