Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 178

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Chapter 178

If it was Irene, if he did not fall asleep after midnight, the alarm clock would not sound the next day.

“I’m going to call Mommy.” Jason was afraid that Mommy would sleep late, and Daddy would find her after the autumn. The wise Jason decided to call Mommy so as not to be attacked by Daddy.

“Jas, let her sleep!”

Jason turned his head and looked at the compassionate daddy in amazement.

“Daddy, you don’t seem to hate Mommy!” Long Jason couldn’t hide his excitement.

Jacob brought out the lotus leaf clear porridge he made. Jason saw the clear porridge and said, “Daddy, you actually make Chinese food?”

Jason felt that Daddy was a little abnormal.

Jacob looked at Jason with disgust, “You talk a lot today.”

Jason was hit! “Nothing.”

Jacob realized that it was very inappropriate to say this to his autistic son, and immediately saved him, “I hope you can maintain this state.”

At this time, Grace ran downstairs in a panic and saw the breakfast already prepared on the table, Grace was dumbfounded.

“Sorry, I got up late.” Grace scratched her shaggy hair, looking at Jacob with some guilty conscience.

Summon up the courage to wait for Jacob to bring her a stormy baptism!

Jacob’s expression remained as usual, but he glanced at her indifferently, and said, “I ran around like a female ghost early in the morning, and I am not afraid to scare the child.”

Derek Chong Jacob squeezed a bright smile, and defended Mommy’s roughness, “Daddy, don’t you think a real and unpretentious woman like Mommy is cute?”

Jacob: “…”

Looking at his son speechlessly, Derek is always sharpening his head to match his father and mommy together.

“So you like a girl like this? Sure enough, if you have a mother, you have a son.” Jacob said in deep thought.

“Is it daddy you like pretentious girls?” Derek asked daddy with a wink of the harmless pupil.

Jacob shook his head, who would like such a tasteless woman!

A hint of wisdom appeared in Derek’s eyes, “So Daddy still likes a real and natural girl like Mommy!”

Jacob: “…”

Living such a big life, I was given a routine by a small man.

“She is not real and natural, but sloppy.” Jacob corrected his son’s words seriously.

Grace blushed with shame, turned upstairs, quickly changed into a sportswear, and walked down holding the tall ball head.

No matter what she dresses up, she is pure and agile and has a strong book fragrance.

As soon as she sat down, she heard Derek said, “Daddy, Mommy is liked by many men. If you like Mommy, you must pursue Mommy with all your heart? You have an advantage when you are near the water.”

The boiled water that Grace just drank into her mouth couldn’t help but spray out.

Jacob who was diagonally opposite suffered with the Derek beside him.

Jacob darkened his face, gave Grace a vicious look, and wiped off the saliva on his face with a tissue.

Mengbao held their breath and squeezed a cold sweat for Mommy.

Daddy must be mad at Mommy, right?

“I’m sorry.” Grace lowered her head and said embarrassedly.

“Mommy, it’s okay. Daddy is not a villain who must compare.” Jason said.

Jacob: “…”

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