Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 179

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Chapter 179

Jacob gave Jason a stern look. This kid ate the inside and out. He had said that he would not interfere in his love life before. Why is he standing in Derek’s camp now against him?

Grace lowered her head to pick up porridge, and she pretended not to hear her son trying to encourage Jacob to pursue her.

She could guess without looking, Jacob’s face must be very ugly.

“Grace…” Jacob’s quiet voice sounded magically.

The bowl pulley in Grace’s hand was on the dining table, and Jacob frowned. She was so afraid of him?

“What’s the feast between you and?” Jacob did not get furious because of her successive mistakes. But it changed the subject, and the tone of the question was very calm.

Grace put down the tableware and protested in a low voice, “Warlord. Although I am not RMB, everyone can’t like me. But I can’t offend people everywhere? How sacred is …, I don’t know her, why did you offend her?”

Jacob raised his eyes and looked at her suspiciously, “She just tried to frame you and Bai Suyuan’s woman yesterday.”

Grace suddenly realized that, with a clear mind, she began to shirk responsibility, “Zhang Ye, it must be Bai Suyuan who offended her. She just saw that she was so cute and bully, and there was no backstage to rely on, so she gave her a temporary intention. I calculated it.”

When she said that she had no backstage to rely on, Jacob’s heart was inexplicably hurt.

“Bai Suyuan has been abroad for six years and only returned home in the last two days. He is fairly decent, and he won’t have a deep hatred with An Silvia in two days.” Jacob shared the problem objectively.

Grace was not convinced, “What do you mean, Lord Zhan? You mean that Bai Suyuan cannot offend An Silvia, you just suspect that I offend her? Bai Suyuan looks very decent, but you can guarantee that he is not a bird in clothing (Beast)? I have no reason to offend An Silvia!”

The three Mengbao’s movements are surprisingly consistent, holding their cheeks in both hands, nodding to support Mommy’s point of view.

Jacob deliberately distracted the children and said, “Go upstairs and pack your schoolbags. It’s time to go to school.”

After the three Mengbao left, Jacob stared at Grace meaningfully and said quietly, “What you said makes sense, but I’m sorry I can’t believe you.”

Grace’s starry eyes widened, “Why?”

Jacob stared into her eyes and said, “Because you have many secrets hidden in your body.”

Grace was like Shuang hitting the cabbage, and she was instantly stunned. “The warlord has a sharp eye and insight into Qiuhao, who dares to hold the secret in front of the warlord?”

Jacob looked at her pair of obsidian autumn pupils, and a smile filled his eyes.

“Grace, you are right, no one can figure out a secret in front of me!” After speaking, Jacob took out the painting she made, flattened it and left it on the table, he got up and left.

Grace looked at the extremely ugly painting, inexplicably flustered.

But the fleeting time, she calmed down.

How could he discover her secret?

Irene became Grace, a flawless eldest lady became an illegitimate daughter from the countryside. If it hadn’t happened to her, she herself would have difficulty believing this fact.

Before long, Jacob hurriedly went downstairs, answering the phone in his hand. When he passed Grace’s side, he paused for a moment. After giving her a meaningful glance, he took the phone away from his ear and said to Grace. , “Today you send your children to school.”

Grace saw that he was busy and nodded quickly.

In fact, she would do this kind of thing without telling her specifically. After all, it is her duty to transport the children to and from school.

The person who called Jacob was Guan Xiao. He couldn’t wait to report to the president because he found some special information about Grace.

“President, you told us to inquire about Grace’s information a few days ago, and we found a very unusual thing.”

Jacob’s expression changed transiently, and said, “I’ll be here right away.”

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