Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 149

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Chapter 149



Suddenly, to Harper, it was like a bolt from the blue.

How, how is it possible!

My mouth is not clean?

How is my mouth dirty when I brush my teeth every day?

“No… wrong!”

At this moment, Harper seemed to have thought of something, he suddenly woke up and turned around, his eyes rolled, staring at Shaun:

“Damn! Shaun, you…you crow’s mouth!”

Crow’s mouth?

At this moment, not only Harper woke up, but many other bigwigs also remembered.

Before, Shaun seemed to have really said that Harper’s mouth was stinky, perhaps the genius Doctor Lin couldn’t bear it.

But everyone didn’t expect that Shaun would have said it.

In an instant, everyone’s gaze at Shaun was full of weirdness.

And among these people!

Mike, the madman of western medicine, felt a little bit in his heart!


If he was just guessing before, but now it is what Dr. Lin said what just he said.

Thinking of this, Mike didn’t even dared to show the slightest, beads of sweat appeared densely from his forehead, and he didn’t even have the courage to look at Shaun.


Shaun didn’t have the slightest conscious of a crow’s mouth. He stared at Harper with a smile, and said playfully:

“Then you can’t listen to what the genius doctor Lin said? Do you want to do it?”


This is definitely a crit.

Harper’s angry look suddenly froze.

Especially, he was stunned to find that the eyes of everyone around him were focusing at him, revealing a deep ill-will.

As if they were not slapped in the face, these people will come up and beat him at any time.

“Okay! Shaun, you wait for me!”

Harper gritted his teeth with hatred.

He glared at Shaun fiercely, then gritted his teeth and put enough strength to face his cheek!


With a slap in the face, Harper only felt Venus in his eyes.

The slap was so hard that, the blood started to blow out from the corners of his mouth.

Seeing this scene!

Shaun was very happy. He hugged his arms and said with a look happiness on his face:

“Tsk tsk, this is the first slap, as the genius doctor Lin said, ten slaps!”

“You have to be ruthless enough to beat youself unless you bleed! Otherwise, the genius doctor Lin will not be happy and will do nothing in fovour…”

At this moment, Shaun was so angry that Harper almost squirted out a mouthful of blood.

He stared at Shaun, almost bursting out fire.

But he can only raise his palm while facing his face!


“the second!”


“The third!”

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