Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 180

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Chapter 180

Hurrying to Media Asia, in the president’s office, Guan Xiao was waiting for the president to arrive with a thick information bag.

“Let me see.” Jacob couldn’t wait to order as soon as he sat on the chair.

Guan Xiao stepped forward and poured out all the contents in the information bag.

There is a stack of photos.

There are still a few letters.

Several paintings.

A few CDs!

When Jacob saw the innovative rose painting of earth color, the pupils of the Qinghong lingering became blood red.

This is a painting by Irene. She likes him, so she always sends him roses. Later, she found that roses always withered, so she changed to painting roses for him. He liked the color of the earth, so she corrected the bright red of the rose for him.

“Didn’t you ask Grace? What are these?” Jacob asked hoarsely.

Guan Xiao explained, “These things are Miss Yan’s relics.”

Jacob said in anguish, “I know. I was asking you why they appeared here?”

Guan Xiao said, “President, don’t worry, listen to me slowly.”

Jacob suppressed the ups and downs in his heart and calmed himself down.

Only then did Guan Xiao say, “President, when we checked Grace, we found that she had some intersection with Miss Yan.”

When Jacob heard the news, he was struck by thunder in his head, and his brain exploded.

How could it happen?

“Say.” His eagle pupil was filled with huge astonishment, his eyes locked on Guan Xiao’s face, for fear of missing a trace of the message he brought.

“When we went to check Grace’s file, we found that her file was closed seven years ago. This thing was unusual, so I commissioned several investigative companies to investigate all of Grace’s whereabouts before and after seven years. , And found a great secret—”

At this point, Guan Xiao was afraid that he could not describe it clearly enough, so he simply picked out one of the CD-ROMs and said, “President, if you look at this, you will understand everything.”

Jacob nodded and Guan Xiao put the CD into the DVD player. When the screen projected by the DVD player fell on the wall, Jacob’s eyes were attracted by the red car on the screen.

That’s Irene’s car!

Through the front glass of the car, he saw the vivid appearance of Irene.

With delicate facial features like a porcelain doll, with long straight soft and black hair, and flowing air bangs, she looks pure and pure like a dust-free elf.

The car was driving on the expressway from Yancheng to the imperial capital, and by looking at the surrounding scenery, you could recognize the location of Irene, almost approaching the high-speed toll gate.

But at this moment, a human figure appeared on the neat and clean picture.

The pupil of Jacob suddenly tightened, “Grace?”

Guan Xiao nodded excitedly and reminded, “President, keep watching!”

Jacob’s eyes wandered on Irene and Grace-trying to find the surprising similarities between the two.

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