Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 181

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Chapter 181

Irene’s temperament is dusty, and her eyebrows carry the happiness of being cared for since childhood, as well as the extraordinary temperament of arrogance and self-confidence that her domineering personality brings to her.

She is too outstanding, whether it is the combination of rigidity and softness revealed in her bones, or her outstanding pure temperament like an elf.

On the other hand, Grace, wearing colorful clothes stacked together, her expression is still very depressed, with tears on her face, she is obviously a beautiful face, and a bumpy body, but on her, all the advantages are violent.

She successfully concealed her own advantages, highlighting the vulgarity of her farm girl.

Seven years ago, Wan Irene and Grace were a world of difference.

Jacob’s handsome face showed a huge surprise. Why did Grace have so many bright shadows in Grace seven years later?

Just when he fell into a blinding thought, suddenly a car whistle sounded——

When Jacob’s distracted gaze refocused, he found that Irene’s car had tilted over, broke the handrail and rolled down the cliff, and Grace was nowhere to be seen.

“Guan Xiao, play it back now!” Jacob concentrated his energies and stared at the big screen.

Guan Xiao played back the screen to the frame before Irene’s car started to malfunction, and then clicked play.

At this time, Irene’s red car vibrated violently, and the tires under the driver’s seat began to smoke. When Irene in the driver’s seat tried to roll down the window to come out, the window couldn’t open. Irene was so anxious that she kept beating the window. An expression of helplessness and despair appeared on the originally calm face.

She took out her mobile phone-she didn’t know who to call or whether the phone was connected, but Jacob knew that she was calling “Brother Jie” by looking at her mouth!

After Irene experienced a brief period of helplessness, the car suddenly rolled over and rammed into the handrail next to her. At that time, Grace just walked to the side of the red car——

When Irene’s car rolled over the cliff, Grace was nowhere to be seen.

The picture continued, but Jacob’s brain suddenly stopped.

His eyes, which had been densely covered with frost all year round, suddenly melted and shed crystal clear tears.

In the past few years, he dared not look at the scene. He saw it today and realized how desperate and helpless Irene was when she left. At that time, she kept calling his name, how she wanted to hear him at the last minute. Voice, but he had a very important meeting in the conference room that day, and he turned it off.

When he turned on the phone when the meeting was over, he received thirteen missed calls from her, and his heart became anxious inexplicably.

He thought of the famous painting “The Last Supper”, where Jesus was cruelly killed after having a meal with his twelve disciples. The number thirteen is a number that both he and Irene are very taboo.

He remembered that his hand holding the phone started to tremble, and when he called Irene back in fear, there was a reminder tone: The phone you dialed is not in the service area.

At that moment, his eyes went dark and he almost knelt down.

Soon, Irene’s bad news was confirmed, but he could not shed tears. He sat in the bar and got himself drunk. Finally, he was sent to the intensive care unit because of alcohol allergy. Three days later, when he came out of the hospital, Irene’s funeral had been processed.

Whenever he thinks of Irene, the pain is beyond addiction. He is usually not a man who likes to express his emotions. Although there are many women around him, he never looks at them with his straight eyes.

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