Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 182

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Chapter 182

For Irene, God knows how much energy he spent on her. Since she was ten years old, he has tried to train her into a like-minded partner with him. Cultivate her hobbies and try to spend time with her. She is the only girl who can have a blind date with him.

But she was too young, he always suppressed his feelings. Let her live as simple and innocent as an ordinary girl.

If he knew that she would leave him so early, he wouldn’t desperately suppress himself. He will want her on the first day she (adults).

Guan Xiao looked at the red-eyed president. Over the years, he followed the president and knew that Irene was his taboo. Today is investigating Grace, but Irene is also involved. The fate is so magical.

“President, Grace was on the scene when Miss Yan had an accident. This is a coincidence? Grace finally replaced Miss Yan by mistake and married you to the president. This is a coincidence. Is it even more outrageous?”

Jacob calmed down his pain, and Guan Xiao’s words plunged him into meditation.

The fate of Irene and Grace had an intersection because of the car accident.

It was Irene who was dead, and Grace who was alive, but Jacob had an illusion that Grace was possessed by Irene?

Why doesn’t Grace have the vulgar smell of the vulgar terrapins many years ago? On the contrary, like Irene, confident and even a little cute?

“Guan Xiao, I want to see Grace’s video data from seven years ago.” Jacob said slightly.

Guan Xiao said with a sorrowful expression, “President, I’m sorry, there are only video data of Grace seven years later. The data seven years ago, only her files.”

Jacob stretched out his hand, and Guan Xiao immediately found out Grace’s file and handed it to the president.

Jacob glanced at ten lines, quickly read Grace’s archives, and threw aside with lack of interest, saying, “It’s exactly the same as in the rumor, stupid, and failed subjects. Except for the nine-year compulsory school barely enough, high school the schools I attended with the university are the schools at the bottom of the local rankings. They are really worthy of the name.”

Guan Xiao’s expression is somewhat intriguing.

Grace is so bad, how does the president think of others, and how many children did he have with her?

Jacob raised his eyes to look at Guan Xiao, who quickly reduced the strange expression on his face. Straighten his body, righteously and Ling Ran said, “President!”

Jacob said, “Seven years ago, Grace was not educated and incompetent. Seven years later, Grace was a hacker master capable of attacking the Media Asia network. The changes in this are incredible, Guan Xiao, I want Grace’s all materials from birth to the present, preferably video materials.”

Guan Xiao was astonished as petrified.

When did Grace break into Media Asia’s network? Why doesn’t he know?

f*ck, since the president knew that Grace was so awesome, why didn’t he use it for his own use, and even arrogantly confront people every day, so he was not afraid that Grace would go to work in Media Asia’s rival company?

“Hurry up?” Jacob looked at Guan Xiao who was in a daze, and said angrily.

Guan Xiao touched his nose, contemplated carefully, and turned away.

Jacob picked up the pictures on the table one by one, the top ones were all roses, the last one was his sketch.

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