Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 138

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Chapter 138

After Aunt Zhang finished speaking, she had already walked into her house.


After a thorough confirmation, whether it was Elvira, Bai Shan and Paula, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

Since Shaun really went to the vegetable market, he was definitely not the genius doctor Lin.

Thinking of this, the hearts of the three people do not know whether it is fortunate or misfortunate.

They were afraid that Shaun was really Lin who is the genius doctor. After all, the situation made them unacceptable.

However, they confirmed that Shaun was not the genius doctor Lin and they got a little embaressed.

after all!

Who doesn’t wish for their husbands to be as such genius.

Who does not wish for their son-in-law to be a world recognized person.

“Okay, we just got suspicious. How could Shaun be the genius doctor Lin?”

Bai Shan’s doubts disappeared at this moment, and then said to Shaun:

“Shaun Lin, hurry up change your clothes! Mr. Bai’s operation has failed. Let’s visit him in the hospital!”

While talking Baishan’s face got bitter and said:

“I’m just afraid, my elder brother will not allow us to see him!”

Not allowed to see?

Shaun smiled slightly when he heard Baishan’s bitter words:

“Dad, don’t worry! I guess the Bai family will call you soon and beg you to visit!”


Shaun’s words not only stunned Bai Shan, but even Elvira and Paula also got confused.

They will beg you to visit?

How can this be!

After all, the Bai family had long regarded their own family as a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh.


Jingle Bell!

Baishan’s phone rang through.

Looking into mobile, his eyes almost fell out:

“This…Is this from the eldest brother?”


At this moment, when Elvira and Paula heard the call was made by Haibai himself, they both got shocked.

Haibai has always looked down on their family, this is definitely the first time he has called in person.

At the moment, Baishan quickly answered the phone carefully:

“Hey, brother!”

Just after the call was connected, Haibai on the other side was slightly silent, and then said in a complicated tone:

“Third brother, take your family and come to the hospital!”


Hearing this, Bai Shan looked at Shaun with surprise, and he never thought that his son-in-law could actually be a predictor.

“Big…Big brother, we…”

Baishan wanted to agree, but suddenly Shaun took a step forward, grabbed the phone, then turned on the speakerphone, and said directly:

“Uncle, Didn’t you prohibit us to come to the hospital earlier? We are sinners and the murderers who made Mr. Bai sick!”

“So, we are not coming! And you people must think behind closed doors at home.

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