Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 131

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Chapter 131

“Doctor Mike, how is my grandpa?”

“Mr. Mike, Mr. Bai is fine, right? Hahaha, thank you for your wonderful rejuvenation. Western medicine is awesome!”

Many Bai family members happily complimented.

And Li Mingyi and others next to him, looking at Mike, a western medical team, were also full of envy and complexity.


When Mike and the others took off their masks, everyone stayed silent for a while, because they discovered that everyone in the western medical team looked extremely heavy.

As if something bad happened.

In an instant, the atmosphere was quiet.

Mike looked at Harper and shook his head with a pale face:

“Harper, sorry, your grandpa’s surgery failed!”


This sentence gave a lightening shock to everyone standing there.


How can this be!

“Mr. Mike, you are joking, right! This joke is not funny at all?” Harper’s smile was extremely stiff, and his expression flashed with panic.

Grandpa is pillar of the Bai family.

If any such accident happens, then the Bai family will suffer a fatal blow.

And it will be more terrifying!

All will accuse Harper. After all, Mike and others were invited by him.

Thinking of this, Harper’s scalp was numb, and when he looked at Mike and the others, he became more frightened.

“It’s true!” Mike’s face flashed with unwillingness:

“Originally, the operation has been successful! But for some unknown reasons, your grandpa’s body has fallen into a self-protection mechanism, and his organs have begun to show serious failure! He still has three days of life span!”

“In addition…”

At this point, Mike’s expression became complicated and unbelievable, and said bitterly:

“We just contacted a medical elder from abroad, and after confirmation by that elder, and he said that this actually is named as Qilin Horsid disease!”


This sentence made everyone including Uncle Haibai and Harper tremble, and they could hardly believe their ears.

Qilin Horsid!

This name is naturally familiar to them.

Because just yesterday, Shaun was in the ward and pointed out this disease in public.

At that time, everyone just treated it as a joke.

“No…impossible, how could Mr. Bai have Qilin Horsid disease? How did this fellow Shaun know?” The expressions of Harper and others flashed as if they had seen a ghost.

Not only them!

At this moment, Mike also had a numb scalp.

After all, as a doctor, he rebutted Shaun yesterday, and it was the first time he has heard of this disease.

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