Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 129

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Chapter 129

The success of this operation also means that Mike has achieved a terrible record of 13 consecutive victories in the Chinese medical community.

It can be said that this is an all-round rolling of Western medicine to Chinese medicine.

Everyone wants to applaud and celebrate at this moment.

But suddenly!


A harsh reminder sounded through, causing Mike and his team to change their faces.

They were stunned to discover that the originally stable and powerful electrocardiogram actually sent out violent fluctuations.

That is to say.

Grandpa Bai’s heart was beating faster, and his body functions fell into a state of self-protection.

“No! Damn, what’s going on? The operation is obviously successful. How can the patient’s body fall into a self-protection mechanism!”

Mike’s complexion brushed suddenly, and he turned pale.

During the operation, the patient’s body falls into a self-protection mechanism, that is to say, the organs of the patient’s body will soon fall into a state of exhaustion, and even more terrifying, the patient may die at any time!


At this moment, Mike and the others saw that as the ECG was plunged into violent fluctuations, the band fell into a very slow state.

This means that the heartbeat of Mr. Bai is beginning to become very weak and slow, and death is getting closer.

“Mike, the patient’s body organs are beginning to fail!”

This sentence made Mike even more ashamed:

“In this state, for how long he can survive?”

“Three days!”

The assistant’s answer made Mike’s body tremble, like being struck by lightning.

And outside the western medical operating room.

Uncle Haibai, Harper and the others waited silently. Each of them had a relaxed expression on their faces. They looked at the Chinese medicine treatment room from time to time and made ridicules comments.

They are not worried at all for Mr. Bai.

After all, in the eyes of everyone, Mike has the skill to bring the dead back to life.

Before, the heart of the old man stopped beating, and it was Dr. Mike who used the magic technique to bring the old man back to life.

Now, he is leading the team to perform the operation personally, and it is surely 100% successful.

“Hahaha… Do you think that genius doctor Lin will become the biggest joke in China’s TCM circles? I heard that all TCM assistants came out just after the treatment started!” Harper glanced sarcastically at TCM Treatment room.

And the other senior leaders of the Bai family nearby also laughed:

“Who says no? I don’t know what psychic soup that genius doctor Lin gave to Gao? It’s also a genius doctor, he is…”

“Haha, we still have a good thinking, knowing that Chinese medicine is not good, and found Mr. Mike, this time Mr. Bai is absolutely safe!”


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