Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 126

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Chapter 126


This Chinese medicine expert walked away directly.

Watching this, all the audience got stunned.

The remaining TCM experts took off their masks one by one, and their faces were full of anger.

“Old Gao, I’m sorry, this kind of braggart is not worthy of being called a Chinese medicine doctor! I also quit!”

“Forget about being late, he is talking nonsense, what kind of doctor is he!”

At this moment, one after another TCM experts left the operation room.

In the blink of an eye, there were only Shaun and Gao Lao left in the entire TCM treatment room.


Elder Gao was not happy to see everyone leaving.

He never thought that this would happen.

However, Shaun didn’t care at all.

For him, being surrounded by people is the most boring thing.

“Three inches of needles, seven!”

“Five inches of needles, three!”

“Seven inches of needles, one!”

“right now!”

Shaun said calmly while pressing several acupuncture points of the old man in front of him.

Hearing this!

Elder Gao shook his whole head without hesitation:

“it is good!”

After speaking, Senior Gao immediately prepared.

This scene fell in the eyes of many audience, made them confuse. No one thought that after all the assistants of Chinese medicine experts left, the old man still did not hesitate to choose to believe this guy with surname Lin.


After seeing the kind of massage points, everyone can’t help but hesitate, can he really heal?

“No! Those expert assistants think this guy is not proficient in Chinese medicine, according to them that surnamed Lin brags.

“That’s right! From my point of view, this man named Lin is purely acting!”

The audience in front of the TV is constantly questioning.

Even the Elvira family did not have the slightest confidence in this guy who looked exactly like Shaun.

They also believed that Lin was forcing his face at this moment and was acting to maintain his ridiculous dignity.


Lin didn’t care about the thoughts of all the audience at all.

He held the needles prepared by the old man in his hand, and then said lightly:

“The wind pool is in the sky, flooding the spring!”

“Sanyin Mingmen, go to Guanyuan!”

“Taixi Tanzhong, Lockhe Valley!”

“Dazhui Wind Mansion, please don’t worry!”

Following Shaun’s words, his palm was like electricity, and he picked up needle after needle from the old man’s tray, and then pierced the old man’s acupuncture points one after another.

Skillful technique!

The power is extremely precise.

And when Shaun’s words were combined with this set of acupuncture, Old Man seemed to have thought of something, and his body trembled fiercely.

“Could this be… the Three-nine Bone Needle Method?”

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