Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 118

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Chapter 118

“Okay! Now that it’s clear, it’s all right!” A smile appeared on Baishan’s face at this moment.

Although he was shocked, the more Baishan looked at his son-in-law, the more satisfied.

Not only him!

Paula next to Shaun also softened a lot:

“You stinky boy, you must avoid to offend someone next time, otherwise they will kill you!”

“If something like that happened, we can’t help you!”

Although Paula’s words were harsh, the smile at the corner of her mouth was hard to hide.

A family of four returned home, and when they turned on the TV.

Suddenly, a news on TV made the family startled.

“This channel continues to report, Chinese and Western medicine PK contest!”

“According to the news just sent, Mr. Gao Zhiyuan, a Chinese medicine expert, once again challenged Western medicine expert Mike! It is said that the Chinese medicine contestant this time is a doctor surnamed Lin!”

“This doctor, surnamed Lin, has a mysterious identity and an unknown origin, but he is highly respected by Dr. Gao Zhiyuan, the first Chinese medicine practitioner in our city, and is called the genius doctor Lin!”


After hearing this news, Elvira’s family was stunned.

They did not expect that after the defeat of Gao Zhiyuan, who is the top first Chinese medicine practitioner in Jiang City, how Chinese medicine expert would challenge him again?

Especially, it was a stranger doctor named Lin.

Could it be that this doctor with surnamed Lin has better medical skills than Gao Lao?

Otherwise, how could he accept the challenge and dared to compete?

Elvira was also extremely confused:

“What’s going on nowadays? First, there was a big man named Mr. Lin! And now, another genius doctor Lin came out!”

The family was confused.

How they can’t guess who this genius doctor Lin is?

However, this does not stop.

Soon, a picture of Gao Zhiyuan, the first Chinese medicine practitioner in Jiang City, appeared on TV.

During the interview, Gao Zhiyuan swept away the haze of his previous defeat, and his whole body became energetic and red, and said to the reporter who interviewed:

“This time, we are very fortunate to be able to invite the genius doctor Lin. We express our gratitude and salute to him who is coming to the competition instead of his busy schedule!”

“Tomorrow morning, I believe Master Lin will use incredible Chinese medicine techniques to let everyone understand that Chinese medicine is definitely a magical technique that saves the dead and heals the wounded!”


Listening to Gao Zhiyuan’s words, the Elvira family was completely stunned.

Even through the TV screen, they could truly feel Gao Zhiyuan’s confidence and respect for the genius doctor Lin.

“Oh my God, I’m becoming more curious now, who is that genius doctor Lin?” Bai Shan exclaimed.

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