Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 105

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Chapter 105

Thinking of this, Mike couldn’t help but toss his head, throwing this absurd idea out of his mind.

Then he said to everyone proudly:

“Don’t worry too much about it. Resurrecting the dead is nothing more than a small trick of our western medicine!”

He had already counted all the credit for saving the Mr. Bai on his own, and he was even more satisfied with the praise of many Bai family members.


No one knows at this moment.

In the parking lot outside the hospital, the old man, who is respected as the first person in Jiang City Chinese Medicine, was facing a young man in the car at the moment. He bowed to the ground. The old face flashed with a strong craziness and trembling. The voice said:

“Gao Zhiyuan, I have seen the Bone Saint!”

Shaun sat in the car and glanced indifferently at the old man in front of him, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly:

“You have good eyesight. When did you confirm my identity?”

“Mr. Hui Lin, just now!”

Noble attitude, extraordinary respect.

His waist is always bowed, and the look on his face is full of worship:

“Before, when I saw the prescription for the resurrection pill, I was only guessing in my heart, and the palm of Mr. Lin just now pulled Mr. Bai back from the edge of death, it was too amazing!”

The old man’s heart is extremely complicated.

I am afraid that he could not imagine that the white bone saint of Megatron would be such a young youth.

“Let’s talk, why are you looking for me?” Shaun looked at Elder Gao calmly, already having some guesses in his mind.

Shaun asked.

Old Gao hesitated for a moment, and then seemed to have made some kind of decision.

With a puff, he actually knelt in front of Shaun instantly.

“Mr. Lin, please help Huaxia Chinese Medicine!”

After finishing speaking, Old Man Gao crawled on the ground, tears streaming down:

“This time, Western medicine Mike trampled my dignity of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine under my feet. I hate my old bones for being so talented and shallow, shameful for Huaxia and Chinese medicine!”

“Now, I can only ask Mr. Thorin to restore my face to Chinese medicine, otherwise, my thousands of years of Chinese medicine will be destroyed soon!”

The old man’s words are full of sincerity and pleading.

Chinese medicine eradicates the roots, but the effect is extremely slow.

However, Western medicine is effective in treating the symptoms.

This also makes the PK of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have a natural disadvantage, making the Western medicine Mike invincible and unmatched.

Hearing this, Shaun couldn’t help taking a deep look at Old Man Gao and said calmly:

“I usually don’t have time.”


This sentence made Gao Lao’s face pale, and his heart instantly chilled.

Just at this moment:

“However, going out to buy groceries tomorrow morning, there will be an hour!”


As soon as this remark came out, Gao’s holding heart was immediately released.

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