Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 104

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Chapter 104

Moved… moved?

Everyone looked at the electrocardiogram in amazement, especially after they saw that the straight line jumped suddenly.


The entire straight line forms one wave after another in an instant.


This scene fell in the eyes of everyone, shocking everyone’s body, and everyone instantly ecstatic inexplicably.

Heart beating?

In other words, Mr. Bai actually came back to life again!

“This… how is it possible!” Mike swallowed fiercely and spit, and the whole person was completely stunned. He looked at the electrocardiogram foolishly, and then hurriedly helped the old man check his heartbeat and brain.

However, he was shocked to discover that the heart of patient had really recovered completely, and Mr. Bai was restored to life from a dead state.

No… impossible!

Mike’s eyeballs almost fell out. It was the first time he saw the patient after he had been in medicine for so long. The patient came back to life ten minutes after cardiac arrest after brain death.

This is too hard for him.

And this scene, falling into the eyes of the old man, also made his body tremble severely:

“The Bone Sacred Hand, he… is 100% Bone Sacred Hand! My Chinese Medicine is saved…”

At this moment, the old face of the old man, a thick smile of ecstasy suddenly appeared.

Regardless of the eyes of everyone around him, he ran out of the ward when he was crazy, and chased him in the direction where Shaun had left.

And inside the ward.

Uncle Haibai, San Ye Bai Shan and others all breathed a long sigh of relief.

“Doctor Mike, you are so amazing, you really saved our father. On behalf of everyone in the Bai family, thank you!”

“Yeah, Mr. Mike is a brilliant Doctor. It is no wonder that the foreign medicine doctor who has been able to defeat our Chinese doctors is so strong!”


At this moment, almost all the Bai family members put all the credit for saving Mr. Bai on Mike’s head.

Everyone looked at Mike’s eyes, filled with deep awe.

Facing everyone’s praise.

Mike also looked stunned…

Really, I really saved it?

Mike knew that he didn’t actually did any effective measures himself, and patient came back from the death, it happened in confusion.

“Could it be the slap of that person just now?”

Do not know why.

In Mike’s heart, there unexpectedly appeared the scene of Mr. Bai’s cardiac arrest just now, and Shaun slapped his face.

“No…impossible! The patient who got slapped on his face back to life can only be done by the sacred hand who shocked the world five years ago!”

“That kid can never be…”

Mike muttered to himself now.

He for sure knows the Bone Sacred Hand.

Because that person is a god in the global medical world, a super idol worshipped by countless giants.

It’s just that the person has been missing for three years and never appeared again.

How could it be the young man who was here just now.

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