Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 106

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Chapter 106

He said ecstatically:

“Thank you, Mr. Lin, thank you!”

With deep gratitude, Mr. Gao got up from the ground.

At the same time.


A crisp sound like a silver bell came from behind, but Elvira had already walked over.

Especially, when she saw that the old man seemed to kneel to Shaun, Elvira’s eyes almost fell off.

“I… am I dazzled?”

Elvira was stunned.

Gao Lao is the number one Chinese medicine doctor in Jiang City, and a famous figure, how could he kneel to Shaun.

At the moment, she came over with a look of astonishment.

Not only her.

In the back, Baishan and Paula also walked quickly. When they saw that Gao had just stood up from kneeling, they almost dropped their jaws.

“Shaun, why did you make Elder Gao kneel down for you? What are you doing?” After Elvira reacted, a deep anger suddenly appeared on her pretty face.

Heard this.

Shaun couldn’t help but twitched the corner of his mouth, and finally did not explain.

Instead, the old man quickly said:

“Elvira, don’t blame Mr. Lin, this matter has nothing to do with him. Just now I was accidentally fell to the ground.”

Fall down?

Elvira and Paula frowned, and they were suspicious.

“Old man, I don’t know why you are always looking for Shaun?”

Elvira’s doubts grew thicker.

After all, Gao Lao and Shaun are people at two levels. Logically speaking, there should be no intersection.

“That’s right, I know Mr. Lin will go to the vegetable market tomorrow, so I plan to let him bring me some vegetables!”

Elder Gao finished speaking, then bowed his hand to Shaun:

“Mr. Lin, I will be in the hospital tomorrow morning, so please finish buying the vegetables and send me to the hospital! Thank you!”


Old man Gao bowed before leaving the parking lot.

Buy…buy vegetables?

Hearing this, whether it was Elvira or the Baishan couple, the corners of their mouths twitched, unbelievable.

Especially the three of them don’t know why, there is an illusion in their hearts, it seems that the attitude of the old man towards Shaun…revere and fear?

How can this be!

The three of them couldn’t believe it and didn’t think much, they could only shook their heads in doubt, and all got into the car.

When Mercedes drove slowly away from the parking lot.

Shaun and the three people didn’t know that by the window of the corridor of the hospital, a young man couldn’t help showing a fierce smile at the corner of his mouth.

He is Harper.

“Shaun, Shaun! You dared to drive our family out of the Bai family, and beat grandfather again today! Let’s see how this young master cleans up you!”


Harper took out his phone, then turned out a number, and dialed it.

When the call was connected, Harper said suddenly:

“Brother Gou, that kid is driving a Mercedes-Benz S600 with a license plate of 0L831.”

“Remember, don’t let him go anywhere!”

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